Learn more about our approach to service:

The ITSC employs a team of full-time faculty/staff IT professionals. While working alongside these experienced mentors, student workers develop a multitude of skills including professionalism, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and job-specific technical capabilities that align with industry standards.

We provide seamless transitions when the time comes for new student workers to take over a project. The documentation we provide is clear, concise, and conclusive. The ITSC is the single point of contact for any job.

There's no longer any need to go through the hassle of posting jobs, interviewing, and training potential employees. We have many excellent full-time workers that will provide the same quality output.

Project updates and support don't end when a student leaves. When new co-ops start at the ITSC, they go through a time-tested onboarding process so that the client will always have the ongoing support they deserve.