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Merging Technology and Education

Are you ready to harness the power of technology to create innovative learning experiences? Take the next step and earn your Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) at the University of Cincinnati. Our IDT program is a dynamic educational opportunity that revolves around the creation, application and assessment of multimedia learning experiences in a range of fulfilling professional environments. In this program, students acquire critical knowledge and skills required to design cutting-edge media and technologies. This includes proficiency in developing mobile apps, gaming simulations, interactive videos and multimedia applications, all geared towards enriching learning experiences across diverse contexts.

Our comprehensive master's program in Instructional Design and Technology offers two specializations: Design and Development (On-Campus) and Teaching Specialization (Online). It caters to practicing teachers, educators, instructional designers, and professionals in corporate and various other fields who are passionate about designing and developing instructional programs and implementing learning technologies in diverse settings. Join us at the University of Cincinnati and embark on a transformative journey to shape the future of education through innovation and technology. Your Master of Education in IDT awaits.


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2 yr

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100% job placement for all our graduate students completing their master’s degree.

Diverse Career Opportunities in Instructional Design and Technology?

Advance your career with a master's in Instructional Design and Technology. There has been significant growth and transformation in the field of education driven by changes in research and learning design as well as innovations in learning technologies. This growth opens up a wide range of possibilities for professionals like you who are passionate about making a positive impact. Through the IDT graduate program, students evolve into versatile content creators, equipped to design innovative learning solutions, and tackle instructional challenges in various professional arenas. Graduates find opportunities in corporate training centers, educational media production companies, classrooms, health care institutions, publishing firms, museums, military establishments and non-profit research organizations.

The program gave me an insight on how to effectively integrate technology into instructional design to leverage the potential of learning, thereby ensuring a quality, meaningful and real-world relevant learning environment for learners.

Vidya Menon

Real World Experiences

Student experiences

UC IDT students take courses from world-class professors in media and technology, design, and evaluation. Focusing on a well-rounded, interdisciplinary educational experience, students examine current and projected trends in educational technologies while gaining hands-on practice with eLearning tools and completing project-based assignments. 

Education That Works for You

Online education

Whether you prefer an on-campus experience or the flexibility of online learning, we have got you covered. Pursue your graduate studies as a full-time student or as a working professional—our program offers the necessary flexibility to meet your individual circumstances. With 30 credit hours, you can complete the program within one year of full-time study.

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