Parents' Reading Experiences with Preschoolers

Project PREP is a 6-week book reading program that seeks to understand how parents and children reading books together influences children's ability to retell stories. Approximately 30 parents and their 4-year-old children are taking part in this study. This project is conducted in collaboration with Jo-Anne Prendeville, Ed.D. from the department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Principal Investigator: Allison Breit-Smith

Support: University Research Council Faculty Research Grant

See Word Reading Tool

The See Word Reading Tool is an innovative digital, interactive tool rendered on the iPad that uses visual communication principles to provide graphic cues so students may concretely visualize the relationship of phonemes to alphabetic letterforms. Renee Seward, Assistant Professor in DAAP, created the See Word Reading Tool.

The See Word Reading Tool Research Project consists of a feasibility study to examine the extent to which the tool teaches children early phonics skills. This is a one year study conducted with at-risk Kindergartners. The See Word Reading Tool Project is conducted in collaboration with faculty from the LRIC and the Partners for Achieving School Success (PASS) center.

Principal Investigator: Renee Seward

Co-Investigators: Beth O'Brien, Allison Breit-Smith, and Pam Williamson