Lab for Education, Equity, and Opportunity


Our mission is to conduct and disseminate research that will guide transformative actions of schools, institutions, cities, and communities in providing equitable educational opportunities to their citizens. Our work is rooted in ideals of equity, inclusiveness, and social justice, reflecting our common purpose to inform how practitioners, researchers, and policy experts consider and address challenges in K-20 education. We are committed to bringing interdisciplinary perspectives to the many factors that contribute to student success, and providing a platform for discourse and advocacy.

Current Strategic Areas of Action

  • Identify and address barriers to readiness (individual and institutional levels)
  • Advocate for equitable pathways to student success

Key Objectives

  • Address the narrative around urban-serving institutions and distinguish their description from urban-centered institutions
  • Address the most pressing issues facing public urban secondary and postsecondary education with a specific emphasis on pipeline issues and systematic partnerships
  • Disrupt notions and assumptions about student identities including at-risk and underrepresented students
  • Provide guidance to institutional stakeholders serving urban communities through research and policy analysis