Our Team

Headshot of Tiffany Chin

Tiffany Chin

Associate Director of Culture & Belonging, CECH Innovations & Community Partnership

410 Teachers College


Tiffany is steadfast in strengthening cultural humility and fostering a sense of belonging for CECH community members. In her role, she promotes inclusive mental health awareness, psychological safety, systemic solutions, and empathic connection.

Headshot of McKinley Estime

McKinley Estime

Associate Director for Equity & Justice, CECH Innovations & Community Partnership

Teachers College


McKinley oversees equity and justice orientated actions for the office. His background is in higher education and student affairs. In this role, they focus on office infrastructure, policy review, and community advocacy.

Headshot of Sydney Jones

Sydney Jones

Program Manager, CECH Innovations & Community Partnership

Teachers College


Sydney is responsible for establishing, implementing, and managing programs that support the retention and success of underrepresented students, faculty, & staff. Sydney is committed to promoting social justice in all her endeavors.