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Meredith Murphy

Being part of the School Psychology Program at University of Cincinnati has allowed me numerous opportunities for hands-on experience working with students of all ages in various school and alternative settings. Through these opportunities, I have been able to put into practice the foundational skills and knowledge I have learned through the many facets of coursework. The unique experiences at UC have shaped my understanding of important, evidence-based methodologies that benefit students, families and entire school systems. Another significant piece of UC’s School Psychology Program is the behavioral basis and orientation that has been the forefront in guiding my education, experiences, and role in research.


Meredith Murphy, M.Ed., LISW 
School Psychology Ph.D. Student
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Amanda Faler

The School Psychology program at UC immediately impressed me with their commitment to meaningful, hands on experiences for their students. From the first semester, we are given opportunities to practice the skills we are developing through our coursework. The diverse community surrounding the University of Cincinnati provides such a unique learning experience that will prepare students for a future career in settings ranging from urban, to suburban, to rural.  However, what really sets UC apart is the supportive culture which is fostered by professors who truly care about helping each student succeed, field supervisors who go above and beyond, and fellow students who encourage you along the way.

Amanda Faler, M.Ed.

School Psychology Doctoral Student

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Hallie Fetterman

What attracted me to UC’s school psychology program was its behavioral orientation and focus on urban education. Additionally, the program’s scaffolded educational approach and faculty support provided me with confidence to conduct research and work directly with students and teachers. Throughout my course of study, the program has provided me with ongoing opportunities to provide direct and indirect service in diverse schools and settings across Cincinnati. I think UC offers a variety of unique experiences and am happy to answer any questions! 

Hallie Fetterman, M.Ed.

School Psychology Doctoral Student 

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Chelsea Ritter

I was drawn to apply to UC because of the program’s behavioral orientation, but I made the decision to attend because of the progressive curriculum, vast practicum experiences, and financial assistance history.  Something unique about UC is the ability to collaborate with any faculty member at any time- you don’t have just one research advisor. I love that I can indulge my varying research interests by collaborating with multiple faculty members with different areas of expertise. Above all of these great aspects about UC, my favorite part is getting to learn and experience the field of school psychology with the amazing people in the program.  

Chelsea Ritter, M.Ed.

School Psychology Ph.D. Student

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Anayra Andino

What attracted me most to the University of Cincinnati’s school psychology program was its strong emphasis on behavioral psychology and focusing on early intervention and prevention. I also really liked how many different field experiences they include in their program and how you get to apply what you are learning right away. My favorite part about UC’s school psychology program was how welcoming and nice everyone was during my interview. They emphasize working with the people in your cohort and becoming friends rather than competing with them.

Anayra Marie Andino

School Psychology Specialist Student

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Alina Tilford

I chose the University of Cincinnati’s School Psychology Program because I believe the programs extensive training and continuous field experiences will prepare me to be successful in achieving my future career goals as a school psychologist. Many of the programs major training themes align with my own professional values and beliefs. A major theme of UC’s program that drew me to the school is the belief in using problem-solving approaches for prevention and intervention. This approach will allow me to promote positive outcomes for students, families, teachers, and schools both at the system level, and individually. Another theme that attracted me to the program is the focus on respect and sensitivity to cultural diversity. The city of Cincinnati is surrounded by urban, suburban, and rural settings, and the faculty members in the program have numerous connections in each unique setting. This provides students with the opportunity to get diverse field-experiences and work with wide ranges of populations throughout their studies. Not only does UC’s School Psychology Program emphasize collaboration as one of its training themes for students to practice in the field, it also emphasizes collaboration between the current program faculty and students, creating a welcoming and supportive environment from the very beginning.

Alina Tilford

School Psychology Specialist Student

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Cara Dillon

I chose University of Cincinnati because of the awesome opportunities that are built into the program. In the first year alone we get to go into schools and get hands on experience applying what we learned in class. In our second year practicum, we will be involved in a variety of locations that can give us insight as to where we would want to work in the future. Also, the graduates of the Educational Psychology program that I have met all felt that UC prepared them for the career that they were working in, so I was confident that this program would give me the tools to succeed.

Cara Dillon

School Psychology Doctoral Student

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