CECH Conference Travel Funding Process

General Guidelines

  • Keep a copy of your award application for your records
  • Awards generally take about 2 weeks to process
  • If a student has graduated, he/she is eligible for reimbursement only if the conference is within two weeks of their graduation date.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to reach out to their department/advisor for funding whenever possible.
  • If you are emailed you about some problem with your application, it is your responsibility to fix the issue(s) completely within 7 calendar days of receiving the email.
  • Students are encouraged to post to social media during their trip and tag CECH GSA as  #uccechgsa using Instagram @uc_cechgsa and Facebook mention @UCCECHGSA.
  • Student must be a degree seeking graduate student with at least 12 graduate credit hours earned.
  • Student must be registered for at least one credit hour during the semester of travel. For travel during summer semester (if a graduate student is not registered for Summer, at least one credit hour of the prior Spring semester registration is mandatory).

PLEASE NOTE: Your department may have additional procedures before or after this process to distribute any department funding for students.

Steps for CECH GSA Funding Approval

CECH Graduate Students often travel to academic conferences to present research or connect with other experts in their field. The CECH GSA is proud to support this professional development opportunity for graduate students and has funding set aside for this purpose. To have conference travel expenses reimbursed by the CECH GSA, please follow the below steps:

  1. Student Completes Conference Funding Application. The student will receive an email after submitting the application that will provide you with a link for (1) your research advisor to sign on and (2) for GSA approval.
  2. Student emails their Academic Adviser to sign and approve their application.
  3. Student emails the application to the GSA email for approval signature. Student submits TA to his/her GSA Counsel Member(s) for approval, the amount of GSG funding awarded will be written on the signed funding application.
     -  Students may be awarded up to $500 for presenting at conferences
     -  Depending on the GSGA Travel Funds Budget at the end of the year, they may award students up to $200 for Professional Development Travel (non-presenting)
  4. The student will receive an email confirming that both signatures have been obtained from their Advisor and by a GSA representative. They will then submit their completed application to their School's Business Manager with proof that they are presenting at the conference (Proof can be email/letter of acceptance, brochure of the conference with their presentation listed, etc.).     - Under Supporting Documents, proof of conference attendance can simply be a receipt of            hotel purchase or flight purchase if you are not presenting.
  5. The Business Manager within your school (see below) will apply E160 from the Student Affairs budget for the GSGA Travel Funds Awarded by their GSA Group, if applicable.
  6. Any questions about this process should be emailed to CECH GSA and we will be happy to answer them!

School of Education

Headshot of Amanda Grant

Amanda Grant

Business Administrator


School of Human Services

Headshot of Dan Majesky

Dan Majesky

Business Manager


School of Criminal Justice

Headshot of Erin Elizabeth Cochran

Erin Elizabeth Cochran

Business Administrator


School of Information Technology

After Travel

  1. Students will submit travel expenses to the School's Business Manager (One receipt as proof of conference attendance is all that is needed; can be in the form of hotel room purchase, plane ticket, etc.).
  2. Business Manager will apply E160 from the School's Award.
  3. Business Manager will apply E160 from the Student Affairs budget for the GSGA Travel Funds Awarded by their GSA Group, if applicable.
  4. Business Manager will complete the process.