Graduate Student Association (GSA)

About GSA

The primary goal of the Graduate Student Association for the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services, is to provide information, build community, and provide a voice to the entire graduate students enrolled within the college of CECH. We are allotted an annual fixed budget from the unversity Graduate Student Governing Association (GSGA) to sponser conferences, host guest speakers, and hold social functions for the graduate students within CECH.

The primary goals of the CECH-GSA are to:

  1. Build a community of graduate students in the college
  2. Give all graduate students a voice in the college
  3. Provide information to graduate students

2019-2020 Officers

President: Nathan D. McGee | School of Education

Treasurer: Bryan M. Holmes | School of Criminal Justice

Distance-Learning Representative:  Matthew McGlasson | School of Information Technology

CECH Conference Travel Funding Process

  • Before a CECH GSA officer will sign, we need you to have your advisor sign AND will need proof of attendance/presenting (email, registration, conference abstract, etc).
  • Each year you are eligible for up to $400 in conference funds. This should be applied before your department funding. In certain situations, the GSGA may announce additional funds at the end of the year
  • Please contact the CECH GSA officers to get a signature-- Your officers are: Ashley Vaughn (Pres), Kalesha Jenkins (VP), Nathan McGee (Treas), Anuja Roy (Sec), and Anthony Sandifer (Distance Learning Representative).
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your department may have additional procedures before or after this process to distribute any department funding for students.

Steps for Approval Before Travel

  1. Student Completes Travel Authorization
  2. Student has Academic Adviser Approve TA
  3. Student submits TA to his/her GSA Counsel Member(s) for approval
    • Council member will write on TA what the approved GSGA Travel Amount awarded
    • Students may be awarded up to $400 for presenting at conferences
    • Depending on the GSGA Travel Funds Budget at the end of the year, they MAY award students up to $100 for Professional Development Travel (non-presenting)
  4. Student will submit their TA to their School's Business Manager with proof that they are presenting at the conference
    • Proof can be email/letter of acceptance, brochure of conference with their presentation listed, etc

After Travel

  1. Students will submit all travel expenses to the School's Business Manager (receipts)
  2. Business Manager will apply E160 from the School's Award
  3. Business Manager will apply E160 from the Student Affairs budget for the GSGA Travel Funds Awarded by their GSA Group
    1. Each School has a separate GSGA Travel Funds Contract so we can monitor which school is spending what
    2. Your contract codes are attached
  4. Business Manager will complete the process

GSA Contact Information

University of Cincinnati
PO BOX 210002
Teachers/Dyer Hall
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221
P: 1-888-325-2669