About Us

Created in 1964 with 18 pilot programs during the summer of 1965, the need and desire to improve the representation of disadvantaged students on the nation’s college campuses became one of the principal features of Upward Bound. Currently, there are 967 Upward Bound Programs in the U.S.

In 1964, Cincinnati’s first African American mayor, Theodore M. Berry, created the first Community Action Commission in the city.  As a result of his efforts, President Lyndon Johnson appointed Berry as the head of the national Community Action Agencies, which included Upward Bound, Head Start, Legal Services, and Job Corps.

Dedicated to the City of Cincinnati, Berry contacted the presidents of the University of Cincinnati (UC) and Xavier University (XU), encouraging them to apply for an Upward Bound Program. Walter C. Langsam, president of the University of Cincinnati (1955-1971), requested that Dr. Vera Edwards, UC College of Education Psychology Professor, and Dr. Ron Temple, UC Student Affairs, write for the one-year grant.  The program was successfully funded.

The first year of the Upward Bound program was administrated through a collaboration of UC and XU; the other 50 years were administered solely by UC.  Marge Lotspeich was the first director of Upward Bound (1968-1969), Dr. Alonzo Gaston was the second director (1969-1970), Myron D. Hughes was the third director (1970-1993), and Philip M. Cathey was the fourth director (1993 to 2019).

Our Mission

UC Upward Bound provides academic skills and motivation for eligible students to graduate high school and enroll and graduate from post secondary education.

Our Vision

To foster academic achievement, cultural exposure, and life success for all eligible students.

Program Description

Upward Bound is a U.S. Department of Education federally funded program offered by the University of Cincinnati. 

The program is comprised of both an academic year (October-May) and an annual six-week hybrid summer program that offers a residential campus life experience.

Each respective component provides classroom instruction, tutoring, college readiness counseling, college tours, and cultural experiences.

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