License Renewal Courses

We offer 3-credit hour coursework to renew or reinstate your license.

3-credit hour coursework: Take just enough credits to renew your license, or apply your coursework into a graduate certificate, endorsement, or Master's program.

Please email the CECH School of Education Graduate Programs with any questions or to enroll.

Licensure Renewal Courses

Summer Semester 2020

Blended and Online Teaching and Learning

IDT 7100 – Designing Online Assessments for Data-Driven Decisions

IDT 7125—Professional Learning Certifications in Instructional Design and Technology (Offered in 3 flex term sessions)

IDT 8010- Instructional Design

Educational Leadership

EDLD 6070- Supervision and Organization of ECE Programs

EDLD 7035 - Educational Leadership Theory 

EDLD 7038- Leadership for Social Justice

EDLD 8032- Human Resources Administration in Education

EDLD 8034 - School Finance 

EDLD 8035 - School Law 

EDLD 8036 - Curriculum Development and Data Analysis

EDLD 8037- School and Community Partnerships

Gifted Education

CI 6060 - Gifted: Overview of Teaching Children and Youth who are Gifted, Creative or Talented (1st half session)

CI 6061 - Gifted: Creating Learning Environments for Children and Youth who are Gifted, Creative or Talented (2nd half session)

CI 6062 - Gifted: Assessment of Children and Youth who are Gifted, Creative or Talented (1st half session) 

Middle Childhood Education

MDL 6030 - Methods of Teaching Social Studies Grades 4 to 6 (2nd half session)

MDL 6031 - Methods of Teaching Language Arts Grades 4 to 6 (1st half session)

MDL 6032 - Methods of Teaching Science Grades 4 to 6 (1st half session)

MDL 6033 - Methods of Teaching Mathematics Grades 4 to 6 (2nd half session)


LSLS 2005 - Phonics Theory & Practice: Early Childhood Education (1st half session)

LSLS 7016 - Adolescent Literature, Media & Popular Culture (2nd half session)

LSLS 7026 - Literacy Learning and Instruction PreK-12 (1st half session)

LSLS 7027 - Theory to Practice: Models of Literacy (2nd half session)

LSLS 7054 - Literacy as a Linguistic and Cultural Tool (1st half session)

LSLS 8000- Special Topic: Writing Instruction in PreK-6 (Flex session)

LSLS 8104- Literacy Instruction: Methods for Teaching Writing (1st half session)

LSLS 8105 - Teaching Literacy in a Diverse Society (1st half session)

Special Education and Autism Spectrum Disorders

SPED 6001 - Individuals with Exceptionalities (1st half session)

SPED 6002 - Engaging and Supporting Families with Members with Disabilities (2nd half session)

SPED 6003 - Topics in Special Education (2nd half session)

SPED 6004 - Autism Spectrum Disorders (1st half session)

SPED 7001 - Overview of Special Education Law (1st half session)

SPED 7019 - Teaching Students with Behavior Disorders in Content Areas (2nd half session)

SPED 7056 - Foundations, Trends, and Issues in Special Education Leadership

SPSY 8010 - Applied Behavior Analysis I 

SPSY 8011 - Applied Behavior Analysis II

STEM Teaching and Learning

CI 6005 - Integrating STEM into Practice (1st half session)

CI 7032 - Science Learning in Laboratory and Inquiry Settings (2nd half session)

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

LSLS 7060 - Applied Linguistics (1st half session)

LSLS 7053 – Foundations of First and Second Language Learning (2nd half session)


CI 7002- Curriculum and Instruction: Theories and Trends

CI 7003 - Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms 

CI 7004 - The Role of Teachers in a Democratic Society 

CI 7006 - Global Education: Immigrant Children and Their Families (2nd half session)