License Renewal Courses

One-Hour and Three-Hour Credit Course Options

We offer both 1-credit and 3-credit hour coursework to renew or reinstate your license.

Take just enough credits to renew your license, or apply your coursework into a graduate certificate, endorsement, or Master's program.

One Credit Hour course options, click below for more information:

Summer  2022

Blended and Online Learning and Teaching

IDT 7080 - Creating Digital Professional Portfolios

IDT 7090 - Conducting Usability Evaluations

IDT 7100 - Designing Online Assessments for Data-Driven Decisions

IDT 7125 - Professional Learning Certifications in Instructional Design and Technology

IDT 7135 - Applications of Design in eLearning

IDT 8010 - Instructional Design

Educational Leadership

EDLD 7035 - Educational Leadership Theory

EDLD 7038 - Leadership for Social Justice

EDLD 7061 - Student Development Theory

EDLD 8032 - Human Resources Administration in Education

EDLD 8034 - School Finance

EDLD 8035 - School Law

EDLD 8036 - Curriculum Development and Data Analysis

EDLD 8037 - School and Community Partnerships

EDLD 8065 - Governance & Policymaking in Higher Education

EDLD 8093 - Special Topics in Educational Leadership

Gifted Education

CI 6005 - Integrating STEM into Practice

CI 6060 - Gifted: Overview of Teaching Children and Youth who are Gifted, Creative or Talented

CI 6061 - Gifted: Creating Learning Environments for Children and Youth who are Gifted, Creative or Talented

CI 6062 - Gifted: Assessment of Children and Youth who are Gifted, Creative or Talented

CI 7001 - Educational Research for Masters Students

CI 7003 - Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms

CI 7004 - The Role of Teachers in a Democratic Society

CI 7006 - Global Education: Immigrant Children and Their Families

CI 7032 - Science Learning in Laboratory and Inquiry Settings

Special Education and Autism Spectrum Disorders

SPED 6001 - Individuals with Exceptionalities

SPED 6002 - Engaging and Supporting Families with Members with Disabilities

SPED 6004 - Autism Spectrum Disorders

SPED 7001 - Overview of Special Education Law 

SPED 7040 - Transition to Work Endorsement: Legal and Ethical Foundations 

SPED 7056 - Foundations, Trends, and Issues in Special Education Leadership

SPSY 8010 - Applied Behavior Analysis I

SPSY 8011 - Applied Behavior Analysis II

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

LSLS 7005 - Phonics Theory & Practice: Early Childhood Education

LSLS 7027 - Theory to Practice: Models of Literacy 

LSLS 7016 - Adolescent Literature, Media & Popular Culture

LSLS 7053 - Foundations of First and Second Language Learning

LSLS 7054 - Literacy as a Linguistic and Cultural Tool 

LSLS 7060 - Applied Linguistics

LSLS 8051 - Readings in Literacy and Second Language Studies

Please email the CECH School of Education Graduate Programs with any questions or to enroll.