CECH Program and Scholarship Funds

CECH College-wide Initiatives

  • Teachers/Dyer Building Fund
  • Gen-1 Theme House Fund
        First Generation UC students
  • Higher Education Mentoring Initiative (HEMI)
  • CECH General Scholarship Fund

CECH Program & Center Funds

  • African American Initiative in Math & Science  (AAIMS)
  • Arlitt Child Development Center Fund
  • Arlitt Playscape Fund
  • Athletic Training Program Gift Fund
  • Autism Intensive Training Fund
  • Susan Cacini Children’s Library Fund
  • CECH PASS Fund
  • CECH Holiday Gift Drive
        Presents for GEARUP Students
  • CECH Staff Board Discretionary Fund
  • Center for Urban Education
  • Criminal Justice Development Fund
  • Curriculum & Instruction Fund
  • Deaf Studies Program Fund
  • Department of Curriculum & Instruction Fund
  • Department of Educational Foundations Fund
  • Early Childhood Learning Community (ECLC)
  • ECE Special Projects – Hearing Impaired Fund
  • Education Leadership Development Fund
  • Developmental & Learning Sciences Research Center
  • Dr. Nancy A. Evers Educational Leadership Fund
  • Foreign Language Education Fund
  • FUSION Center Fund
  • Dr. Barbara J. Hammel Fellowship in Education Administration
  • Human Services Discretionary Fund
  • Jewish Education Center Fund
  • Jewish Education Center Discretionary Fund
  • Peace Education Fund
  • Project Launch Fund
  • National Center of Research & Development on a STEM Policy
  • Reading and Autism Research Fund
  • School Psychology Development Fund
  • School Psychology and Counseling Fund
  • Time Warner STEM Explorers Fund
  • UC Literacy Center Fund
  • Urban Education Leadership Program Fund
  • Sandra Schwallie Wiesmann Teacher Leadership Endowment Fund

School of Criminal Justice Scholarship Funds

(*indicates funding priority) 

  • Criminal Justice Scholarship Annual Fund
       Scholarship for criminal Justice Students
  • *Criminal Justice Scholarship Endowed Fund
        Scholarship fund for Criminal Justice Undergrads
  • *Criminal Justice Doctoral Alumni Scholarship Fund
        Scholarship for graduate and doctoral students
  • David H. Massel Memorial Fund
        For part-time graduate students studying in the area of law enforcement, which includes policing, probation, and parole.
  • Iona McClain Scholarship Fund
        For a Criminal Justice student who has returned to complete their degree after an extended absence.
  • Donald W. Ritter Scholarship Fund
        For full-time CJ students with financial need and strong moral character

School of Human Services Scholarship Funds

(*indicates funding priority)

  • Helen L. Coops Endowment Fund
        For Women majoring in HPE
  • Counseling Program Scholarship Fund*
  • James K. and Pat Ellis Student Athletic Trainer Fund
  • Health Promotion & Education Scholarship Fund*
  • School Psychology Fund for Graduate Students*
  • Sport Administration Scholarship*
  • Substance Abuse Counseling Scholarship*
  • W. Kenneth Stephens Athletic Training Scholarship Fund*
  • Verna Guenther Schwesinger Scholarship Fund
        For Sport Administration students

Department of Information Technology Scholarship Funds

(*indicates funding priority) 

  • *Information Technology Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • *Sarah Marie Pullen IT Scholarship Fund

School of Education Scholarship Funds

  • Arlitt Center Scholarship Fund
        To help with tuition for Arlitt Center students.
  • Dr. Ada Hart Arlitt Fund
        For graduate students in Arlitt Center.
  • Mildred Gieringer Bauer Scholarship Fund
        For Secondary Ed students who would like to teach in public schools.
  • William & Eleanor Bauer Scholarship Fund
        Given to a student in Special Ed, who has persisted despite obstacles.
  • Jeanette Bertram Chapman Scholarship Fund
        For Middle Childhood Ed.
  • Carolyn C. Bruckmann Endowed Scholarship Fund
        For students in Early and/or Middle Childhood Ed.
  • James P. Bruckmann Endowed Scholarship Fund
        For students in the Secondary Ed, Social Studies and/or the Educational Leadership Graduate Program.
  • John C. Bryant Scholarship Fund
        For high financial need Teacher Ed students who plan to teach in urban schools.
  • Bryson Endowed Scholarship Fund
        For graduate or undergraduate students in Secondary Education or Educational Administration. Preference for students majoring in English.
  • Julia B. Champlain Scholarship Fund in Education
        For a second-year Early Childhood Ed student who wants to teach 1st, 2nd or 3rd grades.
  • The Robert L. Cheeseman Family Scholarship
        For Teacher Ed students.
  • William E. Climer Scholarship Fund
        For graduate students in Early Childhood or Secondary Ed who want to teach in public schools.
  • Delta Kappa Gamma Raschig-Greenholz Scholarship
        For Middle Childhood Ed student with financial need.
  • Early Childhood Development Scholarship Fund
        For students enrolled in the Early Childhood Learning Community (ECLC).
  • Louise Stevenson Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund
        For Secondary Ed.
  • Grace Anna Fry Scholarship Fund
        For Early Childhood Ed students.
  • Sarah Blank Greenholz Endowment Fund
        For Teacher Education students in the STEM disciplines.
  • Grooms Scholarship Fund
        For female School Administration grad student.
  • Clarence & Marie Hunter Scholarship Fund
        Teacher Ed students from Greater Cincinnati.
  • Holstrom Family Early Childhood Learning Scholarship
        For part-time ECLC Student and full-time birth to age 5 students in Early Childhood Ed.
  • Frances A. Kemp Scholarship fund
        For Early Childhood Ed.
  • Hazel N. Kemp Scholarship Fund
        For Early Childhood Ed.
  • Theresa K. Kirby Memorial Scholarship
        For Early Childhood.
  • Let Us Never Forget Scholarship
        Awarded to a full time CECH student involved in ROTC.
  • Constance I. MacLeod Scholarship Fund
        For Early Childhood Ed.
  • Mary Jo Maher Memorial Scholarship for Women
        For non-traditional female students (part or full time).
  • Margaret G. McKim Memorial Scholarship Fund
        For Early Childhood Ed.
  • Madalyne O. Menger Scholarship
        For Teacher Ed students.
  • Sarah A. Moses Special Education Scholarship Fund
        For undergraduate Special Ed.
  • David Naylor Scholarship Fund
        For Secondary Ed, Social Studies.
  • Miriam Kemp Niederhauser Scholarship Fund
        For Middle Childhood Ed.
  • Ruth Haskell Keller Pruden Scholarship Fund
        For juniors or seniors, Early Childhood Ed.
  • The Ellen Peters and Wayne A. Rich Scholarship
        For undergraduates in the School of Education. Preference for graduates of Hughes High School.
  • Grace E. Richardson Memorial Scholarship
        For Middle Childhood Ed.
  • Oscar and Yvonne Robertson Urban Education Scholarship
        For undergrad Teacher Ed students preparing to teach in urban schools.
  • Rollman Memorial Grants for Advancement in the Teaching of American Citizenship (Henry & Hattie M. Rollman)
        For students in Middle Childhood Ed, social studies.
  • Josephine F. & Justin A. Rollman Scholarship Grants for Advancement in the Teaching of American Citizenship
        For students in Secondary Ed, social studies.
  • Charles A. Salie and Charlene A. Tucker Scholarship Fund
        For undergraduate and/or graduate Teacher Ed with financial need.
  • The Christe T. Sapona Scholarship
        For first generation Teacher Ed students.
  • Mary Louise Schroth Graduate Scholarship Fund
        For grad students in Secondary Ed, Language Arts.
  • Mary Louise Schroth Undergraduate Scholarship Fund
        For undergrad students in Secondary Education, Language Arts.
  • Lillian C. Sherman Scholarship Fund for Education
        For grad students in Teacher Education.
  • (Mrs.) Ellen Pease Sole Scholarship
        For students in Early Childhood Ed with academic ability and financial need.
  • Special Education Scholarship Fund
        For graduate students in Special Ed.
  • The Walters Family Scholarship Fund
        For Middle Childhood or Secondary Ed students with financial need and are involved in community service/volunteer activities.
  • Pearl M. Wright Award
        Prestigious and large scholarship for Early Childhood Education students.

CECH College-wide Scholarship Funds

  • Delta Mu Delta Scholarship Fund
        For CECH students with high financial need.
  • Education Alumnal Scholarship
        Annual scholarships for the College’s top students.
  • Robert M. Fleming Scholarship Fund
        For CECH Students.
  • Helen M. Fulton Scholarship Fund
        For CECH student with financial need who demonstrate scholarship, enthusiasm, and respect for the University.
  • Helen P. Glimpse Scholarship Fund
        For CECH Students.
  • Kathryn H. Hansen Scholarship Fund
        For CECH students with financial need.
  • Loraine E. Hendrickson Memorial Scholarship
        For CECH students.
  • The Thomas & Sandra Houpt Endowed Scholarship
        For CECH Students.
  • Mildred Ramsey Jones Scholarship Fund
        For full-time CECH students.
  • Mary Jo Maher Memorial Scholarship for Women
        For CECH women who take evening classes.
  • Louis A. and Chloe H. Pechstein Student Aid Fund
        Emergency fund for CECH students.
  • Phoenix Scholarship Award Fund
        Annual scholarship to a CECH student who best exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding future educator, education administrator, health promotion professional or researcher, counselor, school psychologist, criminal justice professional, or other appropriate post-graduate pursuit.
  • Viola D. McComas Scholarship Fund
        For full time CECH students with financial need.
  • Clara M. Van Hart Scholarship Fund
        For women in CECH.
  • Gay Van Zandt Scholarship
        For CECH Student Ambassadors.
  • Whiting Scholarship Fund
        For CECH students who are residents of Hamilton County.