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Foundations of Cybersecurity

Why study Foundations of Cybersecurity?

The foundations of cybersecurity certificate program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate program provided by the School of Criminal Justice, Department of Information Technology, and the Department of Political Science that empowers students from multiple disciplines to define and understand the behavioral, technical, and policy challenges of securing cyberspace and digital life. This program is designed to address the growing needs by companies, governments and organizations of professionals of managing the challenges of security in the cyberspace.

Success factors vary and can be customized to students’ individual skills and interests.The primary factor is to ensure graduating students are cybersecurity literate and meet work force expectations in this field. Students specializing in information technologies can develop a variety of skills needed by public and private entities to analyze cyberspace security problems and develop response strategies. Students interested in research careers with think-tanks, or applying to graduate programs, can focus on research and writing on cyberspace security issues. For those who are interested in policy, law enforcement, and governmental services, the certificate will provide introduction to core technical skills combined with the analytical context of behavioral and policy studies related to cybersecurity.

Career Possibilities

Graduates of this undergraduate certificate will be equipped to be function in an organization where information security is important. In particular, those who complete this certificate will be able to work with government agencies, law enforcements, local, state and federal governments, non-government organizations, intelligence, military, business and financial services, etc.

Admission Requirements

Students admitted to this certificate must be in good academic standing and have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA from all colleges attended.

International Student Requirements

Admission for this certificate program is limited to those that are currently in the United States, as this program is not available to pursue on a full time basis.  No visa’s can be provided for this educational opportunity.  Additional admission information for international applicants can be located at:

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all course requirements with at least a GPA of 2.0 and must complete the certificate within a maximum of 2 years from the enrollment date.


The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Quick Facts

Undergraduate Certificate Degree in Foundations of Cybersecurity

Full-Time Program Duration

1 Years


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