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Criminal Justice

The criminal justice minor provides students with a basic framework of knowledge regarding the criminal justice system. The minor allows students with an interest in criminal justice to incorporate formal coursework into their existing major.

The study of criminal justice is designed to provide students with an understanding of criminal offending and the criminal justice process. As society continues to grow, so does the need for this career field and the understanding of how and why such behavior occurs. This program stresses an interdisciplinary study of criminal justice in America. Those interested in careers in criminal justice, crime prevention, child behavioral problems, adolescent delinquency, or effective intervention will find this minor extremely valuable.


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4 years


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Criminal Justice
College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services


PO Box 210014
Cincinnati,OH  45221-0014
CECH Student Services Center
Phone: 513-556-2336

Student Success Factors

Students pursuing a minor in criminal justice have a wide variety of academic interests and talents. Many of our students want to combine their existing major in political science, psychology, sociology, or substance abuse counseling with a background in criminal justice. However, majors such as accounting, information technology, organizational leadership, or a foreign language seem to have greater career/job opportunities.

Career Possibilities

The employment outlook in criminal justice is excellent. Students can pursue a position of service in law enforcement, the courts, corrections, criminal justice administration, crime prevention, research, youth services agencies, and other related career agencies.

This field includes many different career paths. A few examples are:

  • Corrections
  • Court administrator
  • Criminal investigator
  • Law enforcement: local, county, state and federal
  • Halfway house counselors and managers
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Park ranger
  • Parole officer
  • Probation officer
  • Public and private security
  • Risk manager
  • U.S. postal inspector
  • Warden

Additional career options are listed on the Center for Exploratory Studies website.


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Curriculum Guide Versions:

Criminal Justice Minor Requirements

Predominant Program

    Criminal Justice Minor Core Curriculum
    • CJ1001, Introduction to Criminal Justice, SS, 3
    • CJ1002, Introduction to Criminology, SS, 3
    • CJ2030, Corrections in America, SS, 3
    • CJ2050, Policing in America, SS, 3
    • CJ4020, Criminal Procedure, 3
    Criminal Justice Elective
    • CJ3023, Politics of Criminal Justice, 3
    • CJ3024, Ethics in Criminal Justice, 3
    • CJ3025, Criminal Law, SE, 3
    • CJ3026, Race, Class, and Crime, 3
    • CJ3027, Drugs and Crime, 3
    • CJ3028, Women and Crime, 3
    • CJ3029, Family Violence, 3
    • CJ3041, Correctional Rehabilitation, 3
    • CJ3043, Community Corrections, SS, 3
    • CJ3046, Institutional Corrections, 3
    • CJ3050, Criminal Investigation, 3
    • CJ3051, Police Organization and Management, 3
    • CJ3052, Police and the Community, DC, 3
    • CJ3053, Police Effectiveness, 3
    • CJ3072, White-Collar Crime, 3
    • CJ3074, Gangs and Crime, 3
    • CJ4025, International Criminal Justice, 3
    • CJ4029, Special Topics in Criminal Justice, 3
    • CJ4049, Special Topics in Corrections, 3
    • CJ4069, Special Topics in Policing, 3
    • CJ4070, Psychology of Criminal Behavior, 3
    • CJ4073, Life Course and Developmental Criminology, 3
    • CJ4074, Victimology, 3
    • CJ4076, Contemporary Criminological Theory, 3
    • CJ4077, Crime Prevention, 3
    • CJ4079, Special Topics in Crime Prevention, 3
    • CJ4089, Special Topics in Criminology, 3

Special Programs

Criminal Justice Society
The Criminal Justice Society is a student-sponsored organization designed to enhance the educational experience of those interested in criminal justice and criminal behavior. The Criminal Justice Society promotes the study of crime and justice and sponsors activities for interested students. Activities include prison tours, speaker events, and an annual career fair.

Admission Requirements

Students must be matriculated and seeking a bachelor's degree to obtain this minor. At least 50 percent of the minor curriculum must be completed through CECH. Students must have a 2.0 university GPA to be admitted to the minor.

Graduation Requirements

This program is open to students in good academic standing with a cumulative university grade point average of 2.0 and the desire to succeed. Although admission is open, students accepted into the program must meet the academic standards of the program to advance to upper levels of study. Interested students should meet with a UC College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services Student Services staff member for appropriate advising. Please note: In order to obtain this certificate, 50 percent or more of the required coursework must be taken from the UC College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services. Application materials for the certificate/minor program can be located at:


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