Society of Sport Leaders

Society of Sports Leaders organization

The Society of Sport Leaders is an organization at the University of Cincinnati focusing on developing the future sports industry professionals with networking opportunities, internship opportunities and most importantly the skills and assets to differentiate themselves.


The Society of Sport Leaders is a University of Cincinnati student organization whose primary interests lie in the activities of sport administration and management. This group, governed by students and advised by faculty, focuses on work ethic, volunteerism, and leadership in the sport business environment. These three aspects are crucial to this organization as one of its goals is to provide students the opportunity and practical experience needed in differentiating themselves in this competitive work environment. In addition, membership affords students the chance to network with industry professionals.


Diverse group of students lead by an advisor, who are developing skills in marketing, operations and sponsorship obtainment.

General Information

Open to all students seeking positions in the sports industry or knowledge there of.

For more questions or to join, please contact Dr. Michael Odio