UC TESOL Endorsement Practicum Information/Submission

TESOL Practicum FAQ

Below is practicum information you will need for LSLS 7078L. Practicum in TESOL Overview Letter, TESOL Practicum Instructions.

Practicum Forms

Below is the practicum form you will need for LSLS 7078L. You cannot begin working with your tuteeuntil the paperwork is submitted using the link below. Also remember to include a copy of your mentor's license. Practicum in TESOL Placement Form.

Video Recordings Evaluation Forms

Below are the mentor and video recording evaluation forms you will need to submit to your instructor. Mentor Video Recording Evaluation, Student Video Recording Evaluation.

Practicum Logs

Below are the log sheets you should use to keep track of your Practicum work. TESOL Field Experience Log Sheet.

Mentor Information

This document will help you identity a mentor and provide information regarding their responsibilities. Mentor Approval Letter TESOL, Mentor Performance Assessment of TESOL Practicum.

Practicum Forms Submission

To submit your practicum forms and logs, please follow this link.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact Jillian Altus.