QMRM Courses

Prospective students applying for the Quantitative and Mixed Methods Research Methodologies concentration should have had at least 9 credit hours of graduate-level research methods training. Students are required to earn at least 9 credit hours from the elective courses (or a preliminary hearing approved substitution).

Required Courses

  • EDST 8034 Measurement and Assessment
  • EDST 8043 Reading Advanced Quantitative Research
  • EDST 8051 Qualitative Research Methods I
  • EDST 8081 Mixed Methods Research I
  • EDST 8091 Quantitative Research Seminar I: Design
  • EDST 8092 Quantitative Research Seminar II: Data Collection and Analysis

Elective Courses

  • EDST 8041 Multivariate Data Analysis
  • EDST 8052 Qualitative Research Methods II
  • EDST 8080 Quantitative Research Synthesis
  • EDST 8082 Mixed Methods Research II
  • EDST 8086 Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Design
  • EDST 8087 Multilevel Models for Educational Research
  • EDST 8088 Item Response Theory
  • EDST 8089 Structural Equation Modeling
  • EDST 9091 Seminar in Research Methodologies

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