Why study Information Technology?

The information technology discipline meets the needs of users within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies.

Admission Requirements

This program is open to students enrolled in a baccalaureate program, in good academic standing with a cumulative university grade point average of 2.0, and the desire to succeed. Although admission is open, students accepted into the program must meet the academic standards of the program to advance to upper levels of study. This expectation would include earning a C or higher in all minor coursework.



Successful students in the minor in Information Technology are passionate about meeting the needs of people and organizations and about computing devices. Information technology is a hands-on, skill-based field and successful students are those who enjoy spending time learning and applying different solutions and practicing new techniques and technologies.

The IT minor empowers students in non-IT majors to successfully use and apply computing technologies to their field.

The IT minor is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Cincinnati with a GPA of 2.0 or above. In the current economy and state of our society, information technology plays an important role in the transformation of all types of organizations and individuals. Students from all disciplines will be highly empowered and prepared to enter their career field with this minor.

The IT minor requires 18 credit hours of information technology courses (six semester courses). Courses for the IT minor can be chosen to provide breadth of understanding or depth of knowledge and skills in one or more of the five areas of IT: networking/systems, software application development, digital media, databases and web developments. For example, a student interested in a breadth of knowledge may take 1000 or 2000 level courses covering the fundamentals of all these areas. However, a student desiring an-in-depth skill in one of the area may focus on 2000, 3000 or 4000 level classes in one or two of the areas.

Due to the broad nature of the disciplines in the university, the IT minor is designed to be customized to fit the knowledge and career goals of the student. One student may be interested in general understanding of IT, so they would take Implications of IT, Information Security & Privacy, Human Computer Interaction, System Analysis & Design and Management in IT. Another student may be interested in developing skills in mobile application development, so they would take Basic iPhone Development, Computer Programming I and II, Mobile Application Development and Database Management I. And a third student, interested in computer security, might take Computer Programming I, Info Security & Privacy, Implications of IT, Network Security and Computer Forensics. There are unlimited possibilities to customize the minor in information technology to build on a student's existing knowledge and support their career goals and interests.

Advising for this minor can be obtained by contacting:

Student Services Center
College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
361 Dyer Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45221


The Information Technology Minor requires small number of classes (6), but offers great value to students in all majors. Courses are hands-on and enable students to gain a great skill set that is in high demand. Courses are available during the day, evening, and online. Students can gain generalized skills in information technology or in-depth skills in one or more specific areas such as mobile application development (iPhone and Android), web application development, software application (Java, .NET), network security, computer forensics, network system administration, and cloud computing, among many others. 

Students should meet with a UC College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services Student Services staff member for appropriate advising. Please note: In order to obtain this certificate, 100 percent of the required coursework must be 18IT courses, and the student must have, or be completing a baccalaureate at the University of Cincinnati. Application materials for the certificate/minor program can be located at:


The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Contact Information

CECH Student Services Center

Cincinnati, OH 45221

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