UCCI’s mission is to research, develop, disseminate, and implement evidence-based practices in corrections.


  • Evaluating real world practices
  • Analyzing outcomes
  • Conducting validity and reliability studies
  • Recognizing evidence-based patterns


  • Continuing education in both in-person and online formats
  • Translating research into practice
  • Creating curricula through cognitive-behavioral and social learning theories
  • Leading edge evidence-based practices
  • Risk assessment tools and intervention strategies
UCCI Wheel graphic- Research, Development, Practice, and Outcomes


  • Providing omprehensive training/instruction
  • Identifiying potential for growth and target coaching
  • Supporting capacity for quality improvement


  • Creating positive outcomes
  • Reducing recidivism
  • Encouraging staff members to be agents of change
  • Coaching for agencies and staff
  • Assessing program effectiveness
  • Providing program design
  • Improving quality assurance practices



UCCI has proudly trained over 35,000 corrections professionals at over 475 agencies around the world!

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Our work impacts corrections agencies and organizations far and wide. From California to Maine, we have conducted and implemented research in all 50 states. Our work also spans international borders to Scotland, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Serving both for profit and non-profit agencies, UCCI provides services for federal, state, local, and international governments as well as professional organizations to promote effective interventions for adult and juvenile offenders.

Learn more about our services, which include distance learning modules, staff training, redesign and technical assistance, program evaluation, research and development, and treatment curricula.


Summer Training Institutes

Each year, in May and August, UCCI hosts training institutes on the University of Cincinnati campus.

  • Institutes are week-long
  • A variety of training options
  • Networking opportunities with staff from other agencies across the US
  • New hire staff can be brought up to speed
  • Cost effective way to implement evidence-based practices


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UCCI is nationally recognized for our excellence in Corrections.
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Contra Costa County PD uniform

Philip F. Kader
Chief Probation Officer (Retired)
Contra Costa County, California

“UCCI's phased program design allowed us to not only implement evidence based programs, they ensured we did so by engaging our team in a major systemic change that provides for sustainability, fidelity and better opportunities for our clients to succeed."


Mary Livers

Mary Livers
Former Director,
Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice

“During my tenure as chief of the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice, the Corrections Institute supported our team in a program redesign.  Their research-based knowledge and experience in the field brought a value to the project that only an expert could. I strongly recommend the talented staff of UCCI to guide any organization’s effort toward an alignment with evidence-based practices to reduce recidivism.”