For Administrators

Administrators can help both teachers and parents plan for the transition from preschool to kindergarten in a variety of ways.

  • Arrange for schools to come and share information with parents about their kindergarten programs. In today's world, parents often have more choice about where their children attend school. In addition to public and parochial schools, many school districts offer alternative schools with distinctive programs, and charter schools are becoming more common. Parents can become bewildered by the many alternatives and may welcome the opportunity to collect information and ask questions of various programs.
  • Assist parents in any way possible with making appropriate choices for kindergarten. This does not mean telling parents where to send their child. On the other hand, many schools districts offer a variety of programs. Administrators can help educate parents about the choices and suggest questions to consider as they seek a good match for their child.
  • Plan a pre-kindergarten night for parents. Talk about issues related to transitioning children to kindergarten. A panel of professionals, including both preschool and kindergarten teachers, may be helpful to answer parent's questions.
  • Work with your staff to plan closure for the school year. End of the year parties or picnics help children bring closure to their preschool experiences but also celebrate friendships.
  • Encourage teachers to document various aspects of each child's preschool experience to share with parents. Portfolios or scrapbooks with photographs and work samples are wonderful remembrances for both parents and children.