Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate Scholarship Opportunity

Dear Students--it’s my pleasure to announce a scholarship opportunity for students who are completing our new Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity before December 2022. 

With the support from a National Security Agency grant, the School of Information Technology has proposed a Graduate Certificate in Data Driven Cybersecurity, available later this Spring semester. The certificate contains four courses (12 credit hours) below:

2 Required Core Courses:

  • IT7020   Principles of Cybersecurity (offering in fall 2021, fall 2022)
  • IT7075   Data Driven Cybersecurity (offering in fall 2021, spring 2022, fall 2022)

and 2 Electives from the 4 courses below:

  • IT7021 Enterprise Network Forensics (offering in spring 2022)
  • IT7071 Machine Learning and Data Mining for IT (offering in spring 2022, summer 2022)
  • CS6053  Network Security (offering in fall 2021, fall 2022)
  • CS6058 Data Security and Privacy (offering in fall 2021, fall 2022) 

Award Amount: Up to $5,000 Per Person

Deadline: The application window for this scholarship has closed.  It will re-open in June of 2022 for the applications to receive the award in the Fall semester of 2022. The award will be given to the first 30 qualified students. It is recommended that you start the application as early as possible.

Applicant Requirements:

  1. You must be a US citizen
  2. You must obtain the Data Driven Cybersecurity Certificate before the end of 2022
  3. (optional) Have a clear plan of pursuing a degree from the University of Cincinnati. Priorities will be given to the students in IT/EECS/Political Science and cybersecurity related programs at UC. Ideally, you will obtain your degree before the end of 2022.  

Required Documents for Application:

  1. Updated resume or CV
  2. Copy of transcript(s)
  3. Personal Statement including a clear plan of completing the certificate and a degree at UC. The certificate courses you took before spring 2022 will be counted toward the certificate. You need to get a grade of B and above in all four courses. All the IT courses in the certificate can be included in your MSIT degree plan. Please contact the School of IT Graduate Director to consider including the CS courses into your MSIT degree plan.
  4. One recommendation letter

For additional questions, please contact Josh Kremer at .

Chengcheng Li
Program PI and Instructor of IT7021 and IT7071

Headshot of Josh Kremer

Josh Kremer

Program Manager


Headshot of Chengcheng Li

Chengcheng Li

Associate Professor