Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate Opportunity

Excellerate your career and get a Graduate level cybersecurity certificate today!

With the support from a National Security Agency grant, the School of Information Technology has proposed a Graduate Certificate in Data Driven Cybersecurity, available after the Spring of 2022. The certificate contains four courses (12 credit hours) below:

2 Required Core Courses:

  • IT7020   Principles of Cybersecurity (offering in fall 2021, fall 2022)
  • IT7075   Data Driven Cybersecurity (offering in fall 2021, spring 2022, fall 2022)

and 2 Electives from the 4 courses below:

  • IT7021 Enterprise Network Forensics (offering in spring 2022)
  • IT7071 Machine Learning and Data Mining for IT (offering in spring 2022, summer 2022)
  • CS6053  Network Security (offering in fall 2021, fall 2022)
  • CS6058 Data Security and Privacy (offering in fall 2021, fall 2022) 
Headshot of Josh Kremer

Josh Kremer

Program Manager


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Chengcheng Li