Licensure Application Information

Completers should pay for and submit their license applications only after passing all licensure exams. License applications cannot be approved until after degrees have been certified, and if they sit in the ODE’s system too long, they will automatically be declined.

Test Score Reports

Please save the PDF of your required test score report(s) in a safe location, as you are likely to need it in the future. You must submit a copy of your score report in step one of the application process detailed below. 

Background Checks

For initial licenses, a current background check must be on file with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Please refer to the Office of Field Experiences website for background check information and instructions.

OH|ID Account

Before accessing the online license application through ODE, you must first set up an OH|ID account. Opening an OH|ID account requires an Ohio driver's license or an Ohio state ID.  Those who do not hold such Ohio identification may apply for an OH|ID account, but it may take approximately 2 weeks to complete the identification process and successfully create an account.


Candidates who have completed ALL program requirements (including coursework and field experiences) and have evidence of passing any required licensure exam(s) may submit a license application online. The application is a two-step process:

Step One: Internal UC Application through TK20

  • TK20 account holders: sign in to TK20 with your 6+2 and click “Applications” on the main menu. Select “UC Internal Application for Teaching Licenses and Endorsements” and complete the form.
  • All other applicants:
    • Go to
    • Click “Admissions” at the bottom of the page
    • Click “Click here to create your account” at the bottom of the page
    • Create a FREE guest account and log in
    • Click “Create New Application” button on the “Admission Applications” menu
    • Select “UC Internal Application for Teaching Licenses and Endorsements” and complete the form. You will be asked to upload a PDF of your official licensure exam score report(s). *For principal applicants, you will select “UC Internal Application for Principal Licensure” and will be asked for additional documentation. Please see the announcement posted by Dr. Sean McCauley on the internship course page in Canvas for more information.

Step Two: Official ODE application through your OH|ID account

  • Log in to your OH|ID account on the ODE website and apply for a new license in the appropriate teaching field. For endorsements, you will “add an area” to your current credential.
  • Once you pay and submit, the application will be sent to the UC licensure officer to approve. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS STEP UNTIL YOUR GRADES FOR ALL REQUIRED COURSES HAVE POSTED, YOU HAVE PASSED THE REQUIRED LICENSURE EXAM(S), AND HAVE SUBMITTED THE INTERNAL UC APPLICATION, as ODE will automatically deny applications that sit pending too long. You will receive an email after the UC licensure officer signs off on your application, and as long as ODE has everything they need from you, they will post your new license in your OH|ID account within 7-10 business days.


Candidates are encouraged to submit their licensure application as soon as possible after completion of required coursework and licensure exams. Regardless of when an applicant completed their program, the University of Cincinnati must ensure compliance with state requirements on the date of recommendation. Those requirements change regularly, so if there is a delay between program completion and licensure application, the candidate may need to complete additional requirements.

Students completing a teacher or principal preparation program who successfully complete all licensure requirements are guaranteed recommendation for licensure if they apply to the Ohio Department of Education within 12 months of program completion. The University of Cincinnati will consider applications for licensure for up to 5 years past the program completion date, but after 12 months, candidates will be required to meet any new or modified state licensure and/or program-level requirements. This may include coursework, testing, and/or additional field work. Candidates who are applying more than 12 months past their program completion date should contact the licensure officer who will work with the appropriate program coordinator to determine what additional requirements must be met before a recommendation can be made.

Please contact our Licensure Officer at, if you have any questions.