IT Expo 2023 Keynote Speaker Proposal Submission

We are looking for speakers who educate, motivate, and inspire our IT students. The IT Expo slogan is “Where people meet, where ideas evolve, and where the future is made,” so we are looking for a keynote address that touches on the interconnected possibilities that the field of IT offers as well as where the outlook for the industry is headed. 

The IT Expo will host a full capacity of IT undergraduate and graduate students (up to 1,742 students), and upwards of 500 area high school students. In addition to the students, the keynote speaker will be addressing SoIT faculty and staff, as well as your IT industry colleagues. The suggested length for the keynote address is 20-30 minutes.  

Please submit your proposals via the below form no later than January 31, 2023. We will be following up with all proposals by mid-February 2023.