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IT Expo 2020 High School Competition

University of Cincinnati is now accepting project applications for the IT Expo 2020 High School Competition. The competition will be held on the afternoon of April 14, 2020, and will last one hour. Teams are encouraged to attend the whole event.

Submissions of any projects that are relevant to the following two IT tracks are welcome.

I. Web and Software Programming Track - Create a web presence for an organization or a local business using web or mobile applications

Example projects include, but are not limited to:

  • A website for a local church or business with multimedia and social networking content
  • A website or mobile app containing interactive games for promoting a student club
  • A creative digital media product - It is highly recommended that you embed the digital media contents into a web or mobile app interface
  • A website or mobile app that targets solving a social or school issue
  • A fun web or mobile game that attracts high school users

Project evaluations in the Web and Software Programming track will be based on functionality, usability, and interface design. The website or app can be an ongoing project or proof of concept. Due to the time restraints, it is not necessary for the website/app to already be hosted or deployed nor have created an impact; however, those who do so will receive extra credit.

II. Networking and CyberSecurity Track - Adopt and implement, develop, or promote one or multiple Networking/CyberSecurity technologies

Example projects include, but are not limited to:

  • A collaborative team project that adopts free online tools and open source software (e.g., Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Amazon cloud, etc.) with a report on findings
  • A project that redesigns and implements a school or IT classroom's computer network, providing improved accessibility, availability, and security
  • An education project that identifies cybercrimes or cyberbullying targeting teens. Survey or educate your peer students to be aware of cybercrimes. Recommend best practices for defending cybercrimes while educating peer students to behave as good digital citizens.

Project evaluations in the Networking/CyberSecurity track will be based on technical novelty and potential impact on cyber education and technology adoption at high schools.


  1. Submit your project in digital format. For the projects that use web interfaces, you can provide the URL link to your project if it's already hosted as a web service. 
  2. Submit a 150-word abstract that summarizes the project
  3. Submit a two-page project description including names of the students and faculty advisor
  4. It is highly recommended that you submit a digital presentation of your project using Camtasia, Jing, and other video capture tools. It will be much easier for us to understand your project's design rationale, functionality, interfaces, and usability from watching a video presentation. If you already uploaded your presentation to YouTube, you can send us the link.


Project Timeline
Oct. 1 - March 18, 2020 Open Submission -  Email PDFs to Alana Calhoun
March 20, 2020 Late Submissions Due
March 25, 2020 Acceptance Notification
April 14, 2020 Present Project at Expo for Judging


Recognition awards will be awarded to the teams and schools. More details will be announced later.

Contact the School of Information Technology for more information:

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Alana Calhoun

Academic Specialist, School of Information Technology

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