Research Symposium

The School of Information Technology (SoIT) is pleased to invite you to participate in a forum for the exchange and dissemination of research ideas through the 2020 IT Expo on April 14, 2020. Research will be presented in the form of poster presentations during this session. Research topics may range from state-of-the-art system development to recent progresses in scientific endeavors that are theoretical or applied areas of Information Technology, such as advanced storage technologies, computer-mediated communication, cloud computing, cyber security, data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), IT infrastructure, mobile security, interactive gaming, technologies for smart and connected cities, and user-centered design.

The primary purpose of the poster sessions is to exchange research ideas among graduate students, faculty, industry, and practitioners involved in IT research in our field. All presenters will be featured on the Expo website and entered into a competition for best submission. The award for best submission will be a cash prize of $500 and recognition of the award will be made at the IT Expo and School of Information Technology website.


Participation in the research symposium is open to all students. Industry, practitioners, and faculty in departments outside of the School of Information Technology must sponsor at one of the sponsorship levels in order to participate. Verification of eligibility will be conducted after notification of acceptance.


The abstract should contain:

  • 1) a brief summary of the research project
  • 2) a problem statement
  • 3) research questions
  • 4) a statement of research methods used (or plan to use)
  • 5) a statement of research contributions and the significance

*All abstracts should use the ACM Extended abstract format, abstracts should not exceed a 6 pages maximum

Please check back in January for more information on submission deadlines and other important dates. You may direct any questions that you have to Dr. Jess Kropczynski at


All submitted abstracts will be peer-reviewed, accepted abstracts will be archived through the University of Cincinnati Libraries and published in open-access digital proceedings of the Research Symposium. Presenters will be expected to attend and present their work at the 2020 IT Expo in the form of a research talk or poster presentation. IT student posters will be printed free of charge.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts and seeing you at the 2020 IT Expo.