Senior Projects

2019 Senior Projects

Brian Ciepichal, Reid Efford, Jacob Welly
Bo Vykhovanyuk

20SGX- Spam Detection over Encrypted Emails

Emails play a pivotal role in business and everyday communication. There are millions of email messages being sent each day that contain incredibly sensitive information. This sensitive data can be easily parsed by passive attackers on an email server. Leveraging Intel’s SGX we are able to mitigate this problem by using enclaves. These are private regions of memory that are protected from processes running at higher privilege levels. Decrypting emails using SGX on an Encrypted mail server makes it much more difficult for passive attackers to get any useful data. On top of that, this solution takes into account that sender reputation filters are not very effective since it is quite easy for an email address to be compromised. Decrypting emails via Intel SGX improves the general security of Emails on servers where it is running.

Hoa Nguyen, Hien Nguyen, Brandon Nwankwo
Tyler Hopperton


Alarum is a prototype Internet of Things (IoT) project to help convenience stores know when to restock cans/bottles in their beverage fridges. With an ESP8266 Thing and Adafruit VL53LOX laser sensor located at the end of the rack to calculate the distance between the last item and the sensor, Alarum knows when a bottle organizer rack is low on stock. Whenever the laser sensor detects a distance that is registered as “low on stock”, it will then be read by the ESP8266 using an already-set logic that simultaneously connects with the laser sensor. The ESP8266 then sends a notification (via an alert email) to the users so they know which bottle organizer in the fridge is low on stock. This process can be further simplified by connecting the notification email with the party responsible for fulfilling orders.

James Thomas, Robert Mays, George Gyau
Bo Vykhovanyuk


With the arrival of Ohio Senate Bill 220, it's even more important that small businesses in this state be verifiably pursuing security standards. National Institute of Standards and Technology  (NIST) 800-171 is an excellent standard to pursue, but as many small businesses lack a great deal of technical support talent in house, compliance could be prohibitively expensive. With Automated Regulatory Compliance Assistance for NIST (800-171) Enforcement (ARCANE), we adapted a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) tool that will help automate the assessment process, track and document actions taken towards compliance. ARCANE also breaks down the requirements into simpler, easier to understand English in combination with industry best practices and suggests the remediations necessary to bring the business’ network into compliance. This lowers the cost of NIST compliance greatly, by reducing both the man hours and skills needed to become compliant.

Sabrina Grosse, Todd Carpenter, Kevin Grote
Tyler Hopperton

Be Epic

Be Epic is a social connection app that allows users to connect with other people in their area. Be Epic app allows users to see others who share the same interest based on the radius a user sets. The primary focus of the app is for immediate companionship rather than scheduled event times. Users can post information about what they are doing, where they are going, or who they are with. Users can stay updated and meet with one another in real time, meet new partners, make connections, and even explore new hobbies and activities by connecting with a more experienced user.

Eric Leichliter, Sebi Miller
Ryan Moore

Bilstein Network Design

Cyzerg estimates that 7 out of 10 warehouses of small and mid-size businesses are experiencing issues with their networks. One of the larger problems that these businesses experience is having complete wireless and LAN area coverage. This means that on the floor, there are IP devices that are losing and regaining connection to the network constantly. This poses potential issues for the businesses because data is being collected and used by these devices. Our Bilstein network solution covers 95% of the area of the new warehouse to provide a connection to all devices with no interruption. Using Cisco’s existing infrastructure equipment, we have designed and planned wired and wireless solutions. We have done a preemptive full wireless survey and confirmed we have at least 95% coverage in the warehouse building and office area. We have setup a test network environment to do our testing on due to the building inaccessible.

Jeremy Grice, Deonte Williams, Anderson Stoffer
Abdou Fall

Book It

Having a tool that will alleviate the hurdles of finding reliable places to study would be beneficial to students. However, there is not a single solution available for use. For example, at the University of Cincinnati, each library has its own process for allowing students to reserve study spaces. This presents two major issues. The first is a lack of real time data showing when and where they can study. The second is trusting in your teammate(s) to reserve a place at one of the many locations on campus. Book It is a web-based scheduling tool centered around giving students the power to find places to study around their busy schedules. The Book It application solves this problem by delivering a tool that allows students to connect and find quality spaces to study together.

Daniel Fischer, Nick Kohlrieser, Donald Wynn
Ryan Moore


According to Forbes, in 2015, businesses with less than $5 million in annual revenue experienced an average growth of 7.8% in sales. This shows that small businesses are on the rise. BoxNet is able to help these businesses by providing cheap networking solutions to allow for further growth. Our software defined network (SDN) is a solution to small scale networking for small business and pop up campuses. This solution is optimal for growing business; since we can easily adapt the network to meet the changing needs required of businesses. A business can plug it in and have a fully functioning and secure network with little to no maintenance. We used Raspberry Pis, a zodiac switch, and an open source SDN software to demonstrate our product. With the versatility of BoxNet, we can provide standard networking components like switches and also necessary security features such as firewalls.

Harry Polen, Nikhil Sinha
Abdou Fall

Campus Connect

Communication plays a huge role with how student organizations and students interact with one another. The current solution that exists is only accessible through a web client. Campus Connect is a web and mobile solution that allows students and organizations to easily connect with one another. The student users of campus connect are able to "join" an organization through the application. Once the user has joined they are then able to see the posts that are created by the organization. Students interact with a post by commenting, sharing, participating in a poll, and finally RSVP'ing to a specific event. Campus Connect gives a new way for students and organizations to connect allowing each user to feel more involved with the organization.

Meridith Moore, Garrett Souders, Jeremy Thomas
Abdou Fall


If a relative were placed in a long-term healthcare facility tomorrow, we would all love to be able to communicate frequently with them over the web, wouldn’t we? In many places, we simply cannot. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over eight million people receive some form of long-term care annually. Whether at a nursing home, adult service center, or mental health institution, long-term care has great importance in our society. Yet these facilities mostly operate using dated technology and software. We built CareLine to bridge that communication gap between families, patients, and caretakers. CareLine is an innovative solution that features a mobile friendly site, built-in office appointment-making, text and video chat, and email notifications with automated updates as a means to ease the anxiety that comes with long term care. CareLine: your line to care, right away.

Siddharth Thamara, Andy Gee, Nick Morgan
Bo Vykhovanyuk


According to city data, in 2016 the crime index average for Cincinnati was 570.9. This number has been decreasing ever since 2002, but when you put it against the US average, you find out that crime index is 280.5. This is a drastic difference considering that we’re only talking about one specific city in Ohio. With that being said, our project aims to provide a heatmap of the Cincinnati area. Within the heatmap we have set the priority of first seeing what area a person would be subject to a crime as well as to explain why. There are a variety of reasons as to why this occurs: Based on the data it’s proven since bad neighborhoods have less income flowing within the city it incentives crimes. This is one of many reasons why Cincinnati has a high crime index and we have aimed to find out more reasons why.

Kent Magnuson, Jeremy Wilson, Jacob Wilson
Tyler Hopperton


The rise of smart home devices have allowed a cheap alternative to in-home security systems. With different branded smart devices such as lights, switches, motion sensors, and IP cameras, getting them to work together can be difficult. Many smart devices required a user to install a specific app based on the brand of smart device. When using multiple smart devices of different brands there were many smart device apps with no easy way to manage them. We used an open source application called Home Assistant. Our product allowed a non-tech savvy user to easily manage all their devices within one easy to use application. The user will be able to fill out an online form which will automatically create a Home Assistant instance that is configured precisely to the smart devices they have. This allowed users to quickly and easily set up a cheap in-home security system.

Jeff Ayers, John Hibbs, Eric Burden
Ryan Moore

Citrix Tactical Tool Belt

Citrix Tactical Tool Belt is a web-based application used by Kroger’s level 1 help desk to resolve issues within Kroger’s Citrix environment. Kroger’s Level 1 help desk are the initial responders to all issues within Kroger. Their ability to solve these problems often relies on the Knowledge documents and tools provided by other teams. We developed a tool that could automate common troubleshooting steps to reduce the number of tickets Kroger level 1 support has to forward to level 2, while reducing the time to resolve Citrix incident tickets. The result is a web application where level 1 can open and quickly enter the users Kroger ID and access the user’s Kroger and Citrix information, along with an array of buttons that will run fixes they would normally have to do manually.

Kevin Jones Jr., Abigail Pace, Syed Ovais Amin
Tyler Hopperton


The use of a free, web-based tool for speech pathologists has economical and environmental benefits, yet few currently exist. Pediatric speech pathologists often have limited budgets to buy supplies. Sticker books, flash-cards, and “fill in the blank” booklets are the primary items used by professionals. These tools break down and degrade, with some even being one-use. The result is that speech pathologists often spend their own time and money creating their own solutions. Our team created Click.Pic.Communicate., a web-based application that mimics the exercises in already existing paper products. Similar applications do exist, but quality apps cost around $70.00 per year. Our application is free. It will alleviate economic burdens on teachers and speech pathologists, while also reducing the waste of paper product. Click.Pic.Communicate. tested well with the children and was well received by our speech pathologist tester.

Ryan Sansom, Trevor Eiselt, Cory Limbert
Bo Vykhovanyuk


Many musicians and music fans currently do not have a dedicated social media platform to network with other likeminded people in their area. Because of this, users are resorting to websites not designed with music in mind like Facebook and Craigslist to interact. Concerto is an innovative website that looks to allow users to network, discover, and promote anything music related on its unique platform. Musicians and listeners alike can find valuable information on bands, upcoming shows, as well as receive recommendations based on their music listening preferences. Concerto is also a hub to connect fellow musicians who are looking for new band mates. By giving music fans a dedicated tool in Concerto, we strive to help strengthen musical communities and create a unique experience for our users.

Feras Alghalayini, Nate Barton, Chase Lindquist
Bo Vykhovanyuk

Cyber Range - SCADA ICS

Critical infrastructure are the systems deemed necessary to live with our current modern standards. These systems require a combination of support systems and SCADA systems that control the machinery to provide us our essentials we take for granted such as power and water. Qualified cybersecurity professionals are becoming increasingly more difficult to find to defend these networks. We created a learning tool to help facilitate college student’s knowledge of defending critical infrastructure, and as we know, the best way to defend is to learn how the attacker will think. This tool consists of a series of virtual machines within two sub scenarios, a water treatment plant and a power plant. Students will be able to conduct penetration tests of these in a simulated environment in order to learn more about critical infrastructure and how to defend it.

Tyler Jones, Tek Dhital, Kyle Miller
Bo Vykhovanyuk

Dock Talk

Today, we constantly use our phones to act as another form of verification. Unfortunately, this requires us to jump from device to device to prove that we have our phones. This can be a time-consuming task over the span of a year. Dock Talk is a product that communicates authentication codes, so the end user does not have to. This way, a user can set their phone down to charge and not have to worry about pesky authentication codes. By using NFC technology our dock can receive authentication codes from the phone. If you are traveling and did not bring your dock with you, you will still be able to use old verification methods.

Joseph Engel, Andrew Sanderson, David Tye
Ryan Moore

Easy Savings

According to, 63% of Americans reported having at least one financial app on their phone. Of those people, 70% said they checked their finances using the app at least once a week, but only 16% said they did so every day. Many mobile applications have aimed to help people manage budgets, but they were cumbersome to use and failed to include all the features users wanted. Easy Savings was designed to include the most desirable features with a refined, intuitive user interface. One key feature was securely storing user data in cloud, allowing them to access their budget from any device. Another key feature was the ability to set thresholds for each category with notifications when those thresholds met or exceeded the set limit. It was designed to track various purchasing mediums and allow for recurring payments. Easy Savings enables users to set, monitor, and maintain their budgets.

Zach Goodwin, James Allen, Micah Johnson
Abdou Fall

Employees Becoming Neighbors

Fortune 500 companies need a simple, single solution to help them track their progress towards their Social Responsibility goals.  To make the social responsibility value come to life, companies allow their employees to take paid time off to volunteer. Companies also sponsor community outreach events via employee-led Business Resource Groups (BRGs).  Today, most companies don’t have a single solution or single source of truth that tracks where the company’s money or employee volunteer time is going.  To solve that problem, our team built Employees Becoming Neighbors.  Our product is a “one-stop shop” for companies to track their employees’ paid volunteer time off, and give their BRGs a tool to manage their community events.  Our product also gives company Executives one place to run reports to see how their company is meeting their goals.

Michael Schroeder, Stephan Manahan, Chris Lyons
Tyler Hopperton

Fortfolio T

Gartner reports there will be around 20.8 billion [IoT devices] by 2020. Among these devices are countless vulnerabilities and security concerns. There is currently no device that remediates those vulnerabilities or even detects them. The Miraibotnet incident took countless websites offline and affected millions of people. Our product would have mitigated this type of attack via network monitoring of each IoT device on a user’s home network. Fortifiot functions as a plug and play device and will be able to detect abnormal IoT network activity. The objective was to ensure the devices are only operating based on necessity. This gives the owners peace of mind that their IoT devices are functioning normally. Soon, IoT devices will surpass the numberof mobile phones, and it’s important that security of those devices is at the forefront. Our product is a step in the right direction for securing those devices.

Reggie Philpott, Kelsey Trusty
Abdou Fall


In 2015, the sale of tabletop games by small publishers topped $1 billion in the United States and Canada for the first time.  In 2017, this total skyrocketed above $1.5 billion.  In an age where digital screens often seem uncomfortably pervasive, people have a growing desire for human contact away from technology. The explosive popularity of tabletop gaming showcases this very clearly. Currently, publishers are releasing an average of over 10 tabletop games per day.  Due to the ever-growing number of choices, it can be very difficult to select a game that everyone will enjoy playing. That’s where the GameNight mobile application comes in. GameNight helps the members of a distinct group select a game from their collection by taking into account their interests in game mechanics and theme. GameNight saves time and energy that can be better spent getting straight to the gaming!

Kaidong Nie, Andrew McEwen
Abdou Fall


Countless social media sites have surfaced to solve a very general problem: how can technology connect people in an efficient, meaningful way? Tech companies have tried many approaches to that problem, with varying degrees of success. The most popular of Social Media sites have been employing de-localized methods of connection, and we want to take an opposite approach. In this project, the team of Kaidong Nie and Andrew McEwen built a mobile application that explores a location-based method of connecting people, inspired by the metaphor of “digitalized  graffities.”On this platform, users share multi-media content at the location that they are shared, allowing for localized connections, and more methods of expressing oneself. The application was built with NativeScript, a cross-platform, mobile solution for web developers.

Vineela Kunapareddi, Oreofeoluwa Oyelowo, Briana Padgett
Ryan Moore


Millions of IoT devices are being added to consumer home networks every day, with little regard for security. Users are unaware of what it takes to secure their networks and there are currently no security standards in place to hold manufacturers accountable. HomeKOP raises awareness of security issues amongst users and equips them with the right tools to secure their smart home networks. We surveyed users on their current awareness of issues and potential to use a risk score system to visualize security of networks. Through research we created a risk scoring system for smart home networks and implemented it into the Mozilla Web of Things Gateway. HomeKOP is revolutionizing the world of security by putting the user back in control.

Jason Paul, Justin Meyer, Ekaterina Helton
Abdou Fall

Hometown Bazaar

Since early 1800s, yard sales and sale types alike have been a great way to declutter your house, discover rare items, and find a good deal. According to the poll conducted by Statistic Brain Research Institute, the average number of self-arranged sales held weekly in the USA is 165,000. However, the method of advertising and promoting these sales has not kept up with modern technology. Introducing: Hometown Bazaar! This sophisticated, mobile-responsive web application allows buyers and sellers to take advantage of modern technology. It saves time and effort, maximizes profits while still promoting the small-town, person-to-person interaction of personal item sales. Hometown Bazaar offers advanced search features and filtering, communication with the seller, customization, feedback options, and a community event organizational system. All of this is free of charge while providing functional performance, easy navigation and eye-appealing design, as well as ensuring high security of all transactions and personal information.

Matt Ritchie, AIdan Hembree, Tyler Getsay
Abdou Fall


Keeping up with new music and finding similar songs to our favorite tunes is hard. That’s why we developed Hullabaloo! Hullabaloo is an online music scraping bot featuring regular audio player controls like shuffle, skipping, and more. Hullabaloo collects data on popular music each week from websites like YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. With this data, Hullabaloo will display trending songs broken down by genre, artist, mood, length, or popularity. Users can browse different playlists, like top songs of the week without an account or they can open up more options by creating a profile. After a user creates a profile they can specify the artists or genres of music they listen to and create their own playlists of favorite songs as well. Hullabaloo is planned to be a cross-platform service, reaching those on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Tony Iacobelli, Peter Johnson, Anthony Burchette
Bo Vykhovanyuk


Phishing Emails are a problem as ubiquitous as email itself. According to Digital Guardian, over 90% of cyber attacks start with a phishing message. While there are many tools trying to prevent the message from getting in, only HyperSafe enables instant visibility and scoping when a message inevitably gets through. By using this platform, customers are able to demonstrate their commitment to cyber security via HyperSafe’s instant visibility, proactive response, and secure-first methodology. In order to ensure reliable service, HyperSafe is built atop the Amazon Web Services Platform to enable best in class availability and scalability. HyperSafe’s unique URL rewriting technology will ensure all users will remain safe on any device from any location. This powerful protection enables deep visibility into an environment that each customer can view themself. By taking the uncertainty of email away from the user, HyperSafe will be an invaluable partner in each customer’s defense toolkit.

William Anderson, Tristan Guckenberger
Abdou Fall

Iris Mobile App for the Blind

According to the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, an estimated 36 million people are blind and an additional 217 million have moderate to severe visual impairment. This means that a total of 253 million individuals must rely on their four remaining senses, primarily touch, to perceive their surroundings. One major limitation of this is that the individual must be within arm’s reach (or cane’s reach) in order to determine what is in front of them. Iris hopes to change this by providing a mobile application with a voice-controlled user interface to improve environmental awareness for the blind. With Iris, users can simply capture what’s in front of them and have the application describe and identify different entities from the user’s surroundings. Through accessibility features and the power of machine learning, Iris acts as an extension for the user’s senses.

Jacob Meyer, Brian Lantz, Chris McNamee, Paul Danielsons
Bo Vykhovanyuk


Physical security is an important, but often overlooked part of cybersecurity. Traditional locks have always been a standard in providing access control to physical spaces, but they are deficient in several ways. For example, many rely on single-factor authentication and physical keys that can be easily lost or stolen. LockID is a smart lock system that has fixed many of the deficiencies within traditional lock systems. By leveraging multi-factor authentication, time-sensitive keys, and modern mobile biometric techniques, consumers of LockID can rest easy knowing that lost or stolen keys will not compromise their physical security. In addition, LockID makes managing physical security easier because it was designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with preexisting identity management systems through docker containerization. Security is hard, but LockID has made it easier.

Brandon Seifker, Caleb Powell, Jason Le
Abdou Fall

Maneuvr VR

The training that is required in the manufacturing industry is costly and dangerous. When a new employee is hired, a senior, more experienced employee must take time to train them. This leads to slower production and an increased cost in labor. There are also significant risks when the new employee is interacting with heavy machinery. The new employee does not likely have the knowledge of how to use the machinery and is at a higher risk of injuring themselves or others. Maneuvr VR is a VR solution that solves these problems. It’s simulation can supplement job training in a way that other mediums cannot. This allows for the more skilled employees to spend more time in the production environment and reduces the risk compared to traditional training. The environment will feel familiar to the new employee and will result in a higher level of professional confidence.

Christopher Morris and Collin Mockbee
Tyler Hopperton


Information about data ‒ known as Metadata, has the potential to provide a vast range of knowledge about data or a target in question. Metadata can provide information including the creation date, geolocation, software used to create the file and more ‒ which can be useful for many users in the information security field. We created Metaforge to fill the gap in the information gathering arsenal to provide the user with a clean and efficient program. The application includes a simple GUI that creates a dynamic HTML report with multiple pages that displays raw and filtered metadata and a useful statistics page. Current existing metadata tools are outdated and unmaintained which results in a difficult user experience. The capabilities Metaforge includes are detailed metadata analysis, a practical report, and efficient functionality with the final outcome of a positive user experience.

William Page, Argina Horn, Brandon Ghearing
Abdou Fall


In 2018, reported that 3.03 billion people are using some sort of social media. The most popular apps provide something for everyone, but very few actively connect video makers with their audience. NQ is a video sharing platform made for videographers in partnership with viewers. In a sea of social media apps, NQ stands out because of its ability to offer videographers feedback that is designed to help them better their content. Videos can be uploaded to NQ straight from mobile devices via the phone’s photo album. Viewers can leave feedback on the creator’s video that is only available for them to see. NQ is designed for Android devices and Google Firebase for log in authentication.

Aaron Cline, Kevin Turner, Paul Terler, Gordon Price
Jim Scott

Omni Cloud Solutions

Today, cloud services are a top priority for many enterprises. Statistics show cloud infrastructure usage has grown from 29 percent in 2017 to 38 percent in 2018." With a wide variety of options, finding the right cloud solution can be inefficient and costly for organizations. This is where Omni Cloud Solutions helps during their digital migration. Our service makes finding the right solution simple with an easy to use web application-based wizard, which helps organizations choose between IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and DRaaS from a variety of cloud service providers. After providing crucial requirements for the organization, such as cost, storage, and availability, a cloud solution tailored to fit these needs will be presented. Reducing the amount of research previously devoted to migrating their organization, Omni Cloud Solutions will save time and money allowing them to focus on other projects.

Adele Hardwick, Ivan Lim, Michael Bertke, Anthony Leiser
Abdou Fall


According to the CDC, the prevalence of obesity was 39.8% and affected about 93.3 million of US adults in 2015-2016. Our team created a fitness application that strives to impact and tackle this obesity epidemic in America. Our fitness application, OneFit, moves our society one step closer to a healthier society. OneFit is a one of kind application that consolidates all health tools into one resource while delivering an accessible and interactive experience for users of all ages. Our team used critical fitness data analysis that provided thorough measurable results for our end users. We utilized a custom meal planning, personalized workout strategy, and overall health monitoring technology to critique a wholesome health plan for users. This application implemented a fitness network to connect like-minded individuals and build a more collaborative workout environment. We envision that this application will inspire people and progress society overall towards a healthier lifestyle.

Mitchell Watson, Jacob Handra, James Burnet
Bo Vykhovanyuk

Operating System Customs

“Plug-and-play” technologies have become very common in today’s world, but there’s no reliable way to ensure that everything plugged into a computer will play nicely. Operating System Customs application aims to maintain the “plug-and-play” name by introducing a new layer to ensure that everything plugged in is verified as 100% safe. Our project provides your computer and network safety by disabling any applications that run automatically on your USB device and safely scanning and ensuring that everything within it is safe. After the scan, it’s either verified to be safe or it isn’t and displays the file(s) that aren’t safe for your computer. Operating System Customs allows users to operate in a safe network and grant system administrators peace of mind.

James Combs, Daktoa Hampton, Joshua Woody, Tyler Stevens
Tyler Hopperton

Phishing Audit System

The use of Phishing Audit System has the potential to train and educate organizations and their employees to be more proactive when dealing with phishing emails. Phishing is the leading cause of cyber-attacks around the world and is increasing each year. Phishing comes in the form of an email that is made to look like it’s coming from a trusted source but contains malware or takes you to an illegitimate website to steal personal information. Our solution to reduce the number of attacks is to create the Phishing Audit System. This system creates a customized, scheduled, and automated phishing simulation. This allows you to track the progress of users understanding and interacting with phishing emails. Additionally, this system provides users with the necessary training material to identify the phishing attacks.

Matthew Richter, Tapashu Phuyal, Xiang Qui
Abdou Fall

 Phone Call Experience Improvement App

Many people dread calling up their cell phone company, electric company or any other company with an automated answering system to fix an issue. Currently, the only way to call them is to call and listen through the options before you hear the option you need. Our Phone Call Experience Improvement App is a way to make this process easier. The app will have the list of companies and their phone number with department information. Once you select the department the number will open in your phone app ready to be dialed. Once you hit call button the call will be sent to the specific department of your choice, so you do not have to listen through all the options. Having this application available to users will avoid time wastage waiting when calling companies with automated answering machines.

Zachary Abell, Alex Napper, Adam Jackson
Ryan Moore

Pocket Shelves

Our web application “Pocket Shelves” ensures small business owners save money by simplifying inventory management for our users. According to Small Business Trends, it’s estimated that businesses around the country lose over 300 billion dollars annually due to poor inventory management. Pocket Shelves allows users to document and edit inventory live, as well as track and organize inventory physically with barcodes. Pocket Shelves also features analytics to help the user better manage their inventory financially. Pocket Shelves allows the user to share their information among an established group with easy to use permissions to restrict use. The user-interface of our application was built to work on any browser with the Bootstrap framework. The backbone of Pocket Shelves was written in Python 3, built with the Flask micro-framework, and primarily using PostgreSQL. Proper inventory management has never been easier, thanks to easy to use applications like Pocket Shelves.

Julian Dallas, Alexander Seibenick, Maidote  Tamane
Ryan Moore

Portable Sandbox

While high schools exist, who have increased their Information Technology budget, many schools still don’t have the resources needed and therefore have no easy nor free way to effectively teach the basics of IT to their students. In this day and age, such skills are vital in the ever evolving tech job markets the solution to this issue is to create a miniaturized and easy to deploy IT sandbox that will be easier for professors to setup and use as needed. Our group will use a self contained installer that utilizes open source technologies to setup an environment where professors can teach students about virtualized technology. When a new user opens our installer for the first time, it will ask them a few questions about their server needs, preferred limit that they want to spend and the user can make their choice to utilize’s technologies or AWS.

Sean Barr and Kyle Ryan
Bo Vykhovanyuk

Project Magik Stick

Passwords are not safe, and create vulnerabilities, yet, we rely heavily on them in nearly everything we do. A good password will exceed 10 characters, use a combination of numbers, upper case, lower case, and special characters. Good practice tells us not to reuse passwords. This is a lot to remember when accessing various tools and accounts in our work and private lives. Can a large company trust that a person is not using the same password when accessing company assets as they are at home? This issue is solved by using a MAGIK STICK as a multifactor authentication device that eliminates the need for employees to remember passwords for a company network. MAGIK STICK solves this conundrum by authenticating users via biometrics and generating a token for accessing applications and devices. This token is based on a TOTP (time based one-time password) algorithm.

Matt Mullins, O.L. Peters, Seth Bryant
Abdou Fall


The EPA estimates that around 75% of human waste is recyclable. Only 30% of that waste is recycled. The idea of recycling has been instilled in us our whole lives in an effort to minimize our impact on the Earth. That being said, the recycling process is not clear cut and it often leaves people unsure of what can and cannot be recycled. When considering whether or not an item is recyclable, there are multiple factors that must be considered such as geographical location and an item’s material composition. RecycleIT is a web based application that allows for the delivery of real-time, easily-digestible recycling information as well as the locations of recycling centers relative to a user’s geographical location. RecycleIT allows users to utilize their web-accessible devices to scan or enter the UPC of any potential recyclable item and obtain useful information regarding the proper recycling procedures for said item.

Kyle Graham, Joseph Lazarte
Bo Vykhovanyuk


SIEMStack is a full featured, ready to deploy, Open Source SIEM solution tailored towards small business, nonprofit, and educational users. SIEMStack comes with pre-packaged configurations and an installation experience that makes it a breeze for organizations to deploy SIEM. SIEMStack models its alerting on the MITRE ATT&CK framework, an industry standard set of TTP (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) used by cyber adversaries; both primitive and advanced. Our mission is to strengthen the security posture of our user’s organizations and prevent the widespread damage caused by cyber breaches.

Parker Hughes, Peter Bengel, Abel Berhan
Abdou Fall

Smart Assistant

The current Google search tool worked when searching for keywords but cannot answer specific questions well, leaving a void and many confused users. The current solution to this problem was to programmatically put in solutions for common questions, but many still go unanswered. This caused users to put a strain on the website owner’s helpdesk for problems it faces. The Smart Assistant was a powerful QnA bot that provided more accurate search results for to UC-related questions by leveraging Azure’s powerful AI system, tracking users when he/she interacts with the bot and remembering what solutions he/she selects for similar questions by future users. It was built on the Azure Cognitive Services platform and featured language recognition for similarly worded questions, a robust cloud network that can be scaled up/down as needed, and self-learning technology that required little maintenance by administrators.

Connor O'Leary, Randall Buka, Alex Bitter
Abdou Fall

 SPCA Mobile App

85% of dogs in the local SPCA shelters are pit bulls or a pit bull mix and at any given time, all dog cages are filled with 2-3 dogs per cage. 100-150 animals, including cats and exotic pets, are adopted from these shelters weekly. The SPCA Mobile App, built with React Native and AWS as its core technologies, seeks to find every animal a loving home. This app lists all adoptable pets from the convenience of a smart phone along with animal care information. The Find-A-Friend Score assists in matching adoptees with an adoptable pet using an algorithm based on key animal traits. Animal Socialization Calendar and a dog distraction system gives volunteers at the shelters an easier time taking care of the animals. This app’s goal is to empty out all the cages and ensure that no animal is deprived of a home for life.

James Slusher, Aaron Westermeyer, George Santen
Abdou Fall


According to the New York Times, anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of people who check items, lose their tickets. TagIT streamlines the check-in process using common handheld devices and wireless access to cloud computing, replacing fragile paper tickets. With TagIt, attendants create a unique record for every patron, adding images of each checked item using a smartphone or tablet’s on-board camera. The patron receives a text or email with links to the record, enabling the patron to check on their items and schedule retrieval. In this way, even if a patron forgets what items they brought, the record provides the attendant with images of the items, uniquely tied to the patron. And if a patron forgets to retrieve an item, TagIt sends retrieval instructions using the contact information in the record.

Alexious Sherman, Cameron Varker, Sean Ward
Ryan Moore

Thunder Cloud

According to Skyhigh Networks, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are the two leading cloud solution services in a market worth $18.2 billion in 2016, and it’s expected to be worth $40 billion by the end of 2018. Microsoft’s Azure market share has grown from 8.7% in 2016 to 29.4% in 2018. Many enterprises have been left cloud-locked, leaving them stuck working with either AWS or Azure due to budget and time restrictions, while some larger enterprises utilize both AWS and Azure. Being able to securely and cheaply switch between cloud services today will save companies time and money, as well as keep their options open if one works better for them than the other. Thunder Cloud helped solve this cloud lock issue between AWS and Azure for companies by taking data from one service, converting it into the format of the other, and then uploading it to that platform.

Abdul Majid, Robin Dhital
Jim Scott


Carpooling is the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person can travel in the same car. Due to the increase in population and the rapid increase in urbanization, there are many problems in transportation. This tends to problems like an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, traffic, pollution, parking problems, and stress. To overcome these hurdles, we developed “Uride” a web-based car sharing application that will allow travelers to post and search if vehicles are available for carpool in their desired path. Uride is an alternative to existing services that aims to connect travelers in order to share transportation costs and reduce stress on their next scheduled trip. This will enable people using this application to share their everyday expenditure on traveling, not worry about hiring a cab.

Austin Vaive, Matthew Cooley, Maurice Jones
Tyler Hopperton

Vigil - Security Console and Network Scanner

According to, the average American will own 13 internet connected devices by 2021. That means a family of 4 will have close to 50 devices connected to their home network. In the current climate of large-scale vulnerabilities, ransomware, and other digital threats, how can we protect our devices, and those of their family members, when we may not even know exactly what is connected to our network? Vigil is a home network sentry that constantly monitors and scans every device connected to your wireless network and sends an alert when it detects an outdated or vulnerable device and when a new, unrecognized device connects to the network. Vigil allows its users complete transparency into the devices on their network, and also offers easy to understand, actionable information to non-technical users. This paper summarizes the process and technical details for the development of Vigil and its real-world usage data.

Matthew Kenkel, Michael Reuss, Rebecca Drury, Elliot Lang
Ryan Moore

Virtual DataCenter

Many companies see the cloud as service that “just works”. What many don’t realize is that “the cloud” is a co-location center, a building housing a massive data center that’s willing to provide their resources to companies for an annual cost. Someone needs to maintain these co-locations, and when recruiting, companies often look for someone with experience. Acquiring enterprise-level hands-on experience for the job can be expensive and hard to obtain. That’s what we achieve with Virtual DataCenter (VDC). VDC is an application that leverages users’ consumer hardware to simulate an enterprise level environment. VDC is a program designed to allow users to create assets that not only appear physically in VR, but also have functionality tied in with VMware vSphere. This includes controlling device connectivity, power, RU position, readouts from the VMs, etc. VDC plans to better define the breadth of knowledge entry level IT Administrators possess.

Ryan Adams, Andrew Holzman, Alex Marshall
Abdou Fall

WAM (Windows Automation Manager)

In modern business/enterprise environments, automation has become the driving force to improve products, workflow, and business practices. Managing where, when, and how these automated jobs are implemented and maintained can prove to be an unwieldy task for many. Windows Task Scheduler, SQL Server Agent Jobs, and other custom automation tools each have their own unique user interfaces. WAM (Windows Automation Manager) is a web-based application that will allow users to quickly access scheduled jobs, log information, and a job creation interface to perform a variety of automation tasks within both Windows Task Scheduler and SQL Agent. Through its simplistic and streamlined design, WAM will allow system and network administrators to spend less time monitoring and scheduling tasks, and more time on projects and maintenance.

Claire James, Patrick Khuu, Kris Perkins
Abdou Fall


According to sources such as TIME Magazine and the American Psychological Association, more university students report symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression than ever before. While universities do offer counseling and psychological services, studies have shown that most students do not actively seek help, due to any number of factors, including but not limited to gender, sexuality, and ethnic background. Each member of the Zentality team has suffered from some sort of personal mental health issue and knows firsthand the difficulty there is in seeking appropriate help. As a result, the team built a Web application to help students chronicle their mental health symptoms from day-to-day. The application takes users’ input and reports back noticeable patterns through graphical analysis, allowing students to notice what triggers negative feelings in their lives. With this application, users are empowered and put back in charge of their own mental health.