IT Accelerated Master of Instructional Design and Technology Program

Study the leading teaching methods and applications of technology for not only students but people everywhere.

Learning is known to be a lifelong process. Today, this process is also a constant progress to newer, better and more convenient means. Contributions emerge from things like new graphics, enhanced training, and bringing simulations to life in a multitude of settings. People use these modern learning approaches from the very start all the way throughout their careers, and aptitude with technology supports students as they meet these contemporary needs and improve the future of learning.

Accelerate your Education

Get your master's and bachelor's in the same amount of time as the bachelor's.

Information Technology helps drive every business forward.  Having a M.Ed. will advance your career in a field that will have some of the largest salary gains in the next 15 years.

Experience the great advantages of the Co-op program.  Get extensive experience at real organizations which is so coveted in today's world of hiring.

Career Possibilities

Online classes, technology based learning aids and applications are increasing even more in their educational value. Graduates may find themselves at educational institutions of all levels, businesses technical and non-technical, museums, military and more. As an IT professional and a Master of Education Curriculum & Instruction: Instructional Design and Technology, students may find themselves in some of these roles shaping current instruction:

  • Instructional and Media Technology Specialist
  • Director of Academic Design
  • Coordinator of E-learning
  • Education Development Specialist
  • Multi-media Specialist

Places to work at include K-12, higher education, technical enterprises like IT security firm to other corporations, military, medical institutions, and various others.


Applications are open on November 1 and close on the last day of February each year.


Please make sure to complete all parts after checking the link:

  • Cover sheet
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Proposed degree plan
  • Resume
  • Unofficial Transcript or Degree Audit

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Lauren Kirgis

Graduate Program Coordinator, School of Information Technology