Middle Childhood Education


Our Bachelor of Science in Middle Childhood Education is a great fit for anyone dedicated to improving the educational experiences of young people in grades 4-9, with a special commitment to teaching all children. Graduates of this program qualify for licensure as Special Education Intervention Specialists (mild to moderate K-12). Potential students seeking licensure in middle childhood education select two areas of concentration from the content areas of mathematics, natural science, social studies, and language arts.

Students begin their degree by taking courses across campus in the content areas they have selected, and during their second year apply for the professional cohort. In their third and fourth years, they become teacher candidates and learn how to teach “the whole child,” which includes practices most appropriate for the overall development of middle school students.

Undergraduate Program Content Areas

By graduation, teacher candidates will be able to:

  • Articulate the central concepts, tools of inquiry and the structures of two disciplines
  • Collaborate effectively with others to develop their professional competence
  • Address issues of diversity with equity
  • Demonstrate pedagogical and philosophical knowledge of the middle school concept