Frequently Asked Questions

Online Learning

Are you accredited?

The University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, North Central Regional Association of Colleges and Schools. We are also approved by the Ohio Department of Education and the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

What are the costs?

You can review the current tuition fees at the Office of the Bursar's website. Because we are an online program, out of state students pay the in-state tuition cost plus a $15 per credit hour surcharge for out of state tuition. Students who are officially enrolled into the Associate degree program receive $90 in CECH tuition assistance per credit hour ($270 per course). We will waive your application fee, matriculation fee, and registration fees.

Do I ever need to come to your campus in Cincinnati?

Our degrees were designed so they are entirely online. You never have to visit us here in Cincinnati. We'd love to see you at our graduation ceremony as you pick up your diploma, but participation in that event is not a requirement.

How do I take tests?

All of your work will be submitted online through your course site. We have a Learning Management System that is designed to allow you to take tests in the comfort of your own home. Not all courses have tests though. We have designed our courses so that you can demonstrate your knowledge in many different ways. Most classes have papers or projects that are due periodically during a semester term.

We do have placement tests that you'll take soon after you apply. Those will tell us what level of math and English is right for you. It's important to do your own work on those tests...cheating on those tests means a placement in a level that is too advanced.

What type of Internet connection do I need to take your courses?

Our courses work best with a high-speed Internet provider. If you do not have high-speed Internet available in your area, you may need to talk with your instructor at the beginning of each term to make accommodations for the course.

Course Materials

Do I need Microsoft Word?

Yes, you do! As a registered student you can order software through UC, please go to UCIT. Distance learning students can find the forms here that are needed to purchase UC-licensed software. Your order will be handled by the UC Bookstore-Follett's Business on Main.

What other special software do I need to have?

When you're on the Internet, you can access Blackboard, our virtual classroom, without downloading anything to your computer. We have a free special course where you can practice your new technology skills before you start your first course with us. The free downloads Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, Flash, and Windows Media Player are also helpful. You will find links to those programs in all of your courses.

How do I buy my textbooks?

When you register for your courses, your schedule will have a link that takes you right to the UC Bookstore website. All of your books will be listed so that you can purchase them right there.

I understand that many courses have videos, but how do I watch them?

All of the videos are available to watch from your course site. There is no charge to watch the videos, but you will need to have access to cable, DSL, or another hi-speed internet provider.

One-stop Services

What can I do at the One-Stop Center?

The One-stop center allows you to easily access such university necessities as viewing your bill, checking your registration, ordering a copy of your transcript, and printing off your grades, as well as other services. Check it out!

Student Teaching

How is Student Teaching conducted online?

Your student teaching experience will be guided by a team: You, your on-site mentor, and your ECE Online supervising faculty. Following a carefully outlined syllabus, you will videotape yourself teaching 3-4 times during a semester. (Your syllabus will tell you what type of activity you need to tape, such as a math activity, a transition, etc.) After you've completed each taping assignment, you will upload the video to your Blackboard course site. After the video has been watched, your UC supervisor will schedule a phone conference for your team where you will all and review your teaching demonstration. By the end of the second semester, you'll be an expert teacher!

Teacher Licensure

What kind of work will I be able to do after completing the online bachelor degree?

You can teach in most Pre-K settings. The online coursework will prepare you to teach infants, toddlers, and children ages 3-5. Check with your state's Dept. of Education to see if this degree will allow you to teach in a Pre-K classroom in a public school setting.

When I finish the Associate's degree, will I be eligible for any type of certification or licensure from my state?

Our Associate's degree has been approved to carry Pre-Kindergarten licensure in the State of Ohio. Any student who successfully completes our degree program is eligible to apply. This license only refers to Pre-K and does not include Kindergarten or Grades 1-8. Students outside Ohio should contact their State Department of Education to see if the Pre-K license from Ohio is recognized.

Will this online course work license me to be a teacher in K-8 schools?

No. The online major is a focus on children ages 0-5. There is no licensure attached to this major, except at the PreK level.

Why can't I teach Kindergarten or in a grade school after completing my Associate's or Bachelor's with you?

Most teacher education programs for Kindergarten and upper grades are 4-year degrees, with extensive practical experiences in a Kindergarten setting AND in a grade school setting. Our degrees focus on the necessary skills to teach children ages 0-5, with a practica in infant, toddler, and preschool settings only.

Admissions Information

I've attended another college, but I'd like to transfer to you. Can I do that?

Yes! When you fill out your application, indicate your previous college course work. Contact those institutions and have them send an official copy of your transcript to ECE Online's attention at the address under "contact us" on this website. Our advisors will evaluate your previous course work and transfer as many credits as possible towards our online degrees.

Why do you need a copy of my high school transcripts? What if I graduated 30 years ago?

If you will be submitting transcripts demonstrating more than 60 hours of college course work, you do not need to send us your high school transcripts. Otherwise, we do need them! You'd be surprised at how long high schools hold on to their records! If you're applying to the Associate's degree, contact your high school and ask about a transcript to be sent to ECE Online's attention at the address under "Contact Us" on this website. We need to see that you did graduate from high school, which is our only admissions requirement. We'll also accept a copy of your GED certificate. Make sure you let us know if your transcript will arrive under your maiden name. Many high schools didn't use social security numbers for tracking.

Can I only take one course, or do I need to enroll for the entire degree?

You can take as much, or as little, as you need to meet your professional development goals. We have many students who want more training in literacy or math and science curriculum, so they just take that course. Others enroll in the degree and finish their degree with us. Federal Financial Aid can only be used by students who matriculate in the degree program, so if you need to have financial aid to cover the tuition costs, then you'll need to officially apply to our program. You can download the application under the Admissions Link on the left.

Can I use financial aid to pay for my courses?

Absolutely! Many of our students apply for, and receive, financial assistance from the federal government and their state government that helps pay for the tuition costs. See the FAFSA website under Financial Aid and Scolarships to apply for aid online. If you qualify, you'll get an award letter letting you know which grants and loans for which you qualify. Remember, grants are like scholarships; they don't need to be paid back. Loans, even low-interest or no-interest loans, will bring loan payments when you finish your degree. By the way, a computer is considered an educational related expense when you're enrolled in distance education, so you can use your surplus aid to purchase a home computer.

Do I need to take the SAT or the ACT?

No. We do not use test results from either the SAT or the ACT for admission decisions.

How do I know what level of English or math to enroll in?

First of all, we have advisors who will help you make these types of decisions. Second, you'll be taking placement tests in both English and math that will help your advisor know what level will match your current ability. These tests are available online for free and do not need a proctor. (Warning: Being dishonest on these tests means being placed in a course that's too advanced!) Every college has their own tests, so even if you recently tested for another university, we'll still require you to take our tests. They're specific to our unique courses.