Student Information

This page is designed to provide commonly asked questions related to the field, overviews of the professional cohort field experiences, and links to resources and tools to support and assess your professional growth.

Some student information applies across all initial licensure programs. Additional information that is specific to individual program can be found at the bottom of this page.

Early Field Experiences

These experiences take place during the freshman and sophomore year, prior to admission into professional cohort. Early field experiences may be required elements of courses including:

  • Introduction to Education
  • Introduction to Children with Exceptionalities
  • Introduction to Educational Technologies
  • Introduction to Middle Childhood Field
  • Critical Literacies: Reading and Writing in Secondary Schools.

The amount of time, the activities students participate in, and the purpose of the experience is different based on the individual course requiring the placement. More information will be provided by your course instructor.

Professional Cohort- Practicum Experiences

After admission to Profession Cohort, students complete field experiences with opportunities to observe and practice specific skills being learned in co-requisite methods, seminar and other education courses taken during professional cohort.

Professional Cohort- Student Teaching/Internship Experiences

In the last stages of Professional Cohort, students complete field experiences with extensive responsibilities for the planning, instruction, and assessment of P-12 students consistent with the expectations of becoming a teacher of record.

Listed below are links to more program-specific information and deadlines.

Please email Emile Camp for a copy of the handbook or any of the forms below.

  • Early Childhood Education Program (PreK-3) (PDF)- coming soon
  • Early Childhood Education Online Program (Birth to 5) (docx)- coming soon