Background Check Process

School of Education students will have a variety of field experiences. Some of these field experiences will be Early Field Experiences in conjunction with university coursework beginning in the student's freshman and/or sophomore years. These field experiences will become more extensive in Professional Cohort typically during the student's junior and senior years. Whenever a student associated with the CECH School of Education enters a field experience involving children or youth, the state of Ohio requires these education students working in field placements (of any length or purpose) involving children or youth to affirm their moral character and conduct.

Therefore, an online document called the Background Check Process must be completed on an annual basis and submitted online to the Office of Field Experiences in order to establish moral character and conduct necessary to work with youth.

  1. Obtain the following documents in June:
    • Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCI) Background Check - required by the State of Ohio
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Background Check - required by the State of Ohio
  2. Create an electronic copy of your BCI report (save as yourlastname_your firstname_yourprogram_BCI)
  3. Create an electronic copy of your FBI report (save as yourlastname_your firstname_yourprogram_FBI)
  4. Complete the Background Check Process online by August 1st for the upcoming academic year.

Your electronic BCI and FBI reports must be attached to your online submission. BCI and FBI reports must be valid from August 1st through May 30th of the upcoming academic year.

Background Check Links

Please email Dianna Greivenkamp for a copy of any of the forms below.