QMRM Students

Our Students
Student Name Email Address Research Interest Academic Advisor
Rachel Clark clark2rk@mail.uc.edu Mixed methods research methodology, positive psychology, transdisciplinary research, strengths-based career development Dr. Vicki Plano Clark
Kyle Cox coxk5@mail.uc.edu Multilevel modeling, IRT, and their application in the measurement of teacher quality Dr. Ben Kelcey
Ryan Derickson derickrl@mail.uc.edu Data mining with R, systemic biases in IRT, Bayesian analysis Dr. Leigh Wang
Joseph Ryan Hart hart2jr@mail.uc.edu Quantitative methods, repeated-measures designs, health research Dr. Chris Swoboda
Marcia Gail Headley marciagail.headley@uc.edu Math education, disciplinary literacy, pre-service teacher preparation, research methodologies, math and reading disabilities, neurological correlates of cognition Dr. Chris Swoboda
Zuchao Shen shenzo@mail.uc.edu Experimental research design, statistical methods, multilevel modeling, structure equation modeling, item response theory Dr. Ben Kelcey
Cijy Sunny sunnyce@mail.uc.edu Instrument development and psychometric validation of instruments, IRT, program evaluation, SEM, missing data Dr. Gita Taasoobshirazi
Sinem Toraman toramasm@mail.uc.edu Mixed methods research methodology Dr. Vicki Plano Clark
Shanshan Wang wangs8@mail.uc.edu Item response theory Dr. Leigh Wang
Boris Yanovsky yanovsbi@mail.uc.edu Psychometrics, survey research methods, item response theory, and measurement scales Dr. Leigh Wang
Jiaqi Zhang zhangjq@mail.uc.edu Causal inference, missing data Dr. Chris Swoboda