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Headshot of Vanessa Allen-Brown

Vanessa Allen-Brown

Associate Professor, School of Education

638J Teachers College


Vanessa Allen-Brown is an Associate Professor of Educational Studies, whose areas of expertise include liberation theology, culturally responsive pedagogy, African American feminist theory, oral history, and international education.
Headshot of Christopher L Atchison

Christopher L Atchison

Associate Professor, Geoscience Education, School of Education

511E Teachers College


Dr. Atchison specializes in Geoscience Education.  His research interest includes fostering full access and inclusion in the Earth Sciences for students and scientists with sensory, orthopedic, and developmental disabilities.  He is the Executive Director of the International Association for Geoscience Diversity (www.TheIAGD.org), an organization charged with advocating for students and geoscientists with disabilities, while promoting an accessible pathway into the Geoscience workforce through the development of innovative and inclusive research opportunities and instructional strategies.
Headshot of Jonathan M. Breiner

Jonathan M. Breiner

Associate Professor, School of Education

511.11 Teachers College


Headshot of Emilie M Camp

Emilie M Camp

Associate Professor, Educator, School of Education

615S Teachers College


Headshot of Anna Fricano DeJarnette

Anna Fricano DeJarnette

Assoc Professor, School of Education

511H Teachers College


Anna DeJarnette is an assistant professor in the department of curriculum and instruction.  She earned her Ph.D. in mathematics education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014.  Her primary research interests are how students understand and talk about mathematics with one another when they use computer programming environments for doing mathematics.  She is also interested in the ways that students position themselves towards one another and how this interpersonal aspect of their work is related to their mathematical reasoning.
Headshot of Susan A.  Gregson

Susan A. Gregson

Associate Professor-Field Service, School of Education

511D Teachers College


Susan Gregson is a Associate Professor, Field Service in the Curriculum & Instruction and Middle Childhood Education programs at UC. She earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus on mathematics education from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. Her research and teaching focus on equitable classroom practice, developing political knowledge for teaching mathematics, and the preparation of mathematics teachers for effective instruction of marginalized students. She has coached teachers and taught secondary mathematics in rural and urban schools, both in the United States and abroad.
Headshot of Karen  A. Haring

Karen A. Haring

Associate Professor, Field Service, School of Education

615F Teachers College


Karen Haring taught middle school math, social studies and language arts for 7 years. Her research interests include equity and inclusion in middle grades education, Universal Design for learning, and teacher preparation. Currently, she coordinates and supervises field experience for teacher candidates in  the Middle Childhood Education programs, and teaches several undergraduate and graduate courses.
Headshot of Marshella (Shelly Sheats) L. Harkness

Marshella (Shelly Sheats) L. Harkness

Professor, School of Education

Prior to coming to the University of Cincinnati, in September 2005, Dr. Shelly Sheats Harkness began her career as a mathematics teacher in Indianapolis. After 12 years of public school teaching, she pursued a Ph.D. As a graduate assistant she taught courses at Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis. In 2002, Dr. Harkness earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Indiana University. She was an Assistant Professor at Miami University from 2003-2005.  As an Associate Professor a UC, Shelly currently is Co-Editor for the School Science and Mathematics journal. Her research interests include: STEM education; the impact of teachers’ listening and believing (Elbow, 1986); Ethnomathematics; and the connections between mathematics and social justice. Dr. Harkness enjoys teaching, working with doctoral students, and visiting K-12 classrooms.
Headshot of Linda H. Plevyak

Linda H. Plevyak

Graduate Director, School of Education, School of Education

511F Teachers College


Dr. Linda Plevyak received a bachelor degree in history from UC and a teaching credential in K-8 from Chapman University. Plevyak taught Kindergarten, first and third grade in California for three years before receiving a Master of Education from UC. She taught social studies methods at Ohio State University while receiving a Ph.D. in teacher education. Her major area of study includes environmental education. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Georgia Southern University as well as established a field-based experience course for preservice teachers.
Headshot of Sarah E Schroeder

Sarah E Schroeder

Assoc Professor - Field Service, School of Education

615L Teachers College


Sarah Schroeder is an instructional designer and educator passionate about the creation of engaging, relevant e-learning solutions. Passionate about understanding learner diversity and designing the way our brains work, Sarah believes in the success of all learners and empowering them to do more vs. simply learn more.

As a faculty member, Sarah coordinates the Digital Learning Design certificate program for undergraduate students and connects UC learners with community partners.  She also teaches courses related to educational technology and online learning, and supports faculty course development.  Sarah is an ISTE certified educator, a certified Quality Matters facilitator and master reviewer, a graduate of the Educause Educational Technology Leadership Institute, and has supported grant-funded development of blended learning solutions for K-12 districts.  During the recent pandemic, Sarah and her students have supported blended and online learning development for local districts.

Outside of UC, Sarah provides consulting services, coaching and professional devlopmet for K-12, non-profit, corporate and higher education organizations.  Before joining the University of Cincinnati, Sarah was a faculty member in the Department of Communication at Northern Kentucky University, an Instructional Designer in Northern Kentucky University's Center for Innovation and Technology in Education, and a professional diversity educator.

Sarah received her BA in education from Indiana University and her MS in Communication from the University of Cincinnati.
Headshot of Kay K Seo

Kay K Seo

Professor, Instructional Design and Technology, School of Education

600M Teachers College


Dr. Kay Seo is a Professor of Instructional Design and Technology. Her research focuses on learner engagement and interaction in virtual worlds and social networking spaces. She has published widely in top-tier academic journals and has presented numerous papers on instructional technology at nationally and internationally renowned conferences. Dr. Seo is the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Innovation in Education and the Founding President of the Learner Engagement Division for the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.
Headshot of Sarah M Stitzlein

Sarah M Stitzlein

Professor, School of Education

610F Teachers College


View full website, including publications and information about current writing projects, at http://sarahstitzlein.wix.com/portfolio 

I am a Professor of Education and Affiliate Faculty in Philosophy at the University of Cincinnati. As a philosopher of education, I explore and clarify key concepts within and purposes of education from the perspective of social and political philosophy.  Additionally, I work to uncover problems in education and envision better alternatives.  I am especially interested in issues of political agency, educating for democracy, and equity in schools.  
My most recently published book, American Public Education and the Responsibility of Its Citizens: Supporting Democracy in an Age of Accountability (Oxford University Press, 2017), supported by a Spencer Foundation grant, responds to the increasing hostile climate toward public education, especially in the era of school choice and lingering neoliberalism.  It argues that citizens should support public schools as a central institution of democracy. My previous book,Teaching Dissent: Citizenship Education and Political Activism, investigates the role of political dissent in citizenship education.  My AESA Critics Choice award-winning 2008 book, Breaking Bad Habits: Transforming Race and Gender in Schools, draws upon American pragmatism and feminist poststructuralism to offer teachers pathways out of persistent hierarchies of race and gender in schools. This social justice commitment carries throughout my work which has appeared in many journals, including: Educational Theory, Teachers College Record, Review of Educational Research, Journal of Curriculum Studies, Theory and Research in Education, Journal of Philosophy of Education, and Educational Studies.  I also serve as co-editor for the journal Democracy & Education and co-direct the Center for Hope and Justice Education.

In 2019, I will publish a new book with Oxford University Press entitled Reviving Hope in Democracy: Teaching Hope and Overcoming Despair in America.  The initial part of this project was supported by the Templeton Foundation in 2016 and laid out a pragmatist notion of hope and how it could be taught in schools.  In 2017 and 2018, I set out on a new extension of that sense of pragmatist hope, supported, in part, by the Center for Ethics & Education. I extended my discussion of hope into explicitly political areas by considering the relationship between hope and a vibrant democracy.  Responding to today's political climate, my book explains what hope is, why it matters to democracy, and how we teach it in schools and universities. 
I have received the University of New Hampshire Outstanding Professor award and the University of Cincinnati Distinguished Teaching and Golden Apple awards.  I am also the recipient of the American Association of University Women Postdoctoral Research Fellowship and the National Endowment for the Humanities Teaching Development Fellowship.
I enjoy speaking to student and civic groups, where I address controversies in education from inequalities in schools to charter school conundrums to the role of schools in society.  I translate difficult philosophical ideas underlying educational issues into understandable and thought-provoking conversations.  I have spoken to high school student groups, public policy institutes, elected officials, advocacy organizations, public radio shows, and universities.  
Headshot of Janet Mannheimer Zydney

Janet Mannheimer Zydney

Associate Professor, Instructional Design and Technology, School of Education

600N Teachers College


Dr. Janet Mannheimer Zydney received her Ph.D. in Educational Communciation and Technology from New York University. Prior to coming to the University of Cincinnati, Dr.Zydney completed her post-doctoral fellowship in special education technology at the University of Kentucky. Dr. Zydney’s research is on the use of technology-based scaffolding in online environments, multimedia programs, and digital games to improve students’ problem solving and critical thinking.  She teaches classes in design-based research, learning sciences and technology, universal design for learning, and teaching with technology. She has received awards for her excellence in teaching with technology in innovative ways.  She is the author or co-author of numerous refereed publications on the use of technology to improve students’ learning.  She is co-author of a book about online learning– Going Online with Protocols: New Tools for Teaching and Learning (Teachers College Press, 2012). She has presented at regional, national, and international conferences and given invited talks on her research.

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