Education for Environmental Sustainability

About the Program

Our Certificate in Education for Environmental Sustainability focuses on the exploration of environmental issues, problem solving, critical thinking, and taking action to improve the environment. The certificate prepares individuals to lead others to create an ecologically sound, economically prosperous, and equitable society for present and future generations. This certificate program combines each of these approaches to investigate interdisciplinary content and relationships that promote sustainable communities.

The certificate, is a helpful addition to any major, not just Education, and is grounded in a UC core principle - educating students in ways that transform their lives so they are poised for “ongoing discovery and full engagement as they shape an evolving world.” As a forward thinking institution of higher education, UC offers this certificate to interested students so they can cultivate environmentally and civically responsible orientations. The certificate coursework will educate our students about environmental literacy and ecological sustainability, essential for 21st century global citizenship. It will foster critical and creative thinking skills within an eco-pedagogy that promotes learning and stimulates individual and collective action towards enhancing the human–earth relationship.

Program Objectives

In just 15 credit hours, with this certificate, you will build environmental literacy, pedagogical knowledge, and investigative skills that are congruent with the standards for an environmental educator.


The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.