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We empower individuals to become passionate, solution‐minded Information Technology professionals by fostering: continuous innovation, research, leadership development, interdisciplinary problem solving, and real‐world experience.

Our Minor in Information Technology is designed for undergraduate students majoring in any discipline or program other than IT. It is designed for students who wish to develop knowledge and skills in applying as well as integrating current computing technologies to enhance and support their primary field of studies. As modern society becomes more intertwined with technology, IT is quickly becoming an essential skill of every productive individual. Regardless of a student’s major, a minor in IT greatly enhances employability and empowers the student to pursue lifelong learning as technology becomes more integrated in the personal learning environment of our society.

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The IT curriculum consists of a set of core courses together with upper level concentration courses. Although not required, it is recommended that students with a minor in IT build breadth as well as depth. If a student wishes to design his/her own path of studies with the assistance of an academic adviser or IT faculty member, it is completely acceptable as long as the student understands the need to observe course prerequisites. The requirements for the IT minor are as follows:

Required: IT1050 – Fundamentals of IT
Any 5 classes, with at least one 3000+ level class.

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