Foundations of Cybersecurity


School of Information Technology

The Foundations of Cybersecurity program is designed to address the growing needs of companies, governments, and organizations of professionals managing the challenges of security in cyberspace.  The program is supported by the School of Information Technology, School of Criminal Justice, and the Department of Political Science, and teaches you how to define and understand the behavioral, technical, and policy challenges of securing cyberspace and digital life.   Recent graduates who achieved this certificate  have been able to work with government and law enforcement agencies; local, state, and federal governments; non-government organizations; as well as intelligence, military, business, and financial services.

Program Objectives

By completion, you will be able to:

  • Develop a variety of skills needed by public and private entities to analyze cyberspace security problems and develop response strategies
  • Focus on research and writing on cyberspace security issues
  • Understand core technical skills combined with the analytical context of behavioral and policy studies related to cybersecurity

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