Student Organizations

The University of Cincinnati encourages students to actively participate in extracurricular activities around campus.

Currently, there are over 250 student groups registered with the university. These organizations focus on a variety of topics such as academics, athletics, creative arts, cultural and ethnic issues, politics and professional development. Whether it’s playing on one of UC’s nationally ranked sports teams or broadcasting from UC’s Bearcast radio station, students have many opportunities to get involved.  To view an updated list of groups, please visit

Eta Sigma Gamma

Eta Sigma Gamma is an honorary society for health educators in which we strive to affect behavioral change on the University of Cincinnati’s campus through group initiatives and awareness raising. We participate in activities such as:

  • Going to local health education-related conferences
  • On campus events to increase awareness about safer sex, sun exposure, smoking, etc.
  • Coordinate initiatives with other student organizations
  • Networking with faculty, staff, and local professionals involved in health education
  • Provide information about upcoming local health education events and opportunities

If you are a health education student and are interested in putting into practice the skills you have learned in class, then Eta Sigma Gamma is a good fit for you! ESG is also a great opportunity for those interested in leadership positions in a student organization. We have meetings every other week which are announced over the Blackboard account or through email. See our website!

If interested, please contact the President via email at:

President: Justine Eichorn -

Vice President:  Leah Heckaman-

Treasurer:  Madison Deckert-

                  Connor Tandy-

Secretary:  Kaitlin Christie -

Historian: Catherine Lusky -

Society of Sport Leaders

The Society of Sport Leaders primary interests lie in the activities of sport administration and management. This group, governed by students and advised by faculty, focuses on work ethic, volunteerism, and leadership in the sport business environment. These three aspects are crucial to this organization as one of its goals is to provide students the opportunity and practical experience needed in differentiating themselves in this competitive work environment. In addition, membership affords students the chance to network with industry professionals.

President: Michael Cuva -

Vice President: Ian Smith -

Treasurer: Doug Friedhoff -

Secretary: Cody Saraco-Polner -

Director of Development: Sydney Moman -

Director of Social Media: Jason Greenberg -

Symposium Chair: Tony Didion -

Travel Coordinator: Zach Yaecker-

Faculty Advisor: Thomas J. Aicher, Ph.D. –


Upsilon Chi Chi, Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota

Chi Sigma Iota is an international honor society that values academic and professional excellence in counseling. We promote a strong professional identity through members (professional counselors, counselor educators, and students) who contribute to the realization of a healthy society by fostering wellness and human dignity. Our mission is to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership, advocacy, and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling.

President: Lindsay Gerhart -

Vice President: Rachel Roseman -

Secretary: Frannie Slotnick -

Treasurer: Nate McGee -

Parliamentarian: Natalie Strzok -

Community Involvement: Nautica Hereford -

Social Media: Tori Burks-

Fundraising: Jennifer Cyr

Newsletter Editor: Jolie Williams

Social Events: Katie Bingle-

Membership: Rebecca Zingarelli

SC Member at Large: Taylor Burkholder-

MHC Member at Large: Emily Baker-

CED Member at Large: Kalesha Jenkins-