Eta Sigma Gamma

Eta Sigma Gamma

Eta Sigma Gamma is a national honorary society for health education students.  The Gamma Eta chapter strive to affect behavioral change on the University of Cincinnati’s campus through group initiatives and awareness raising. We participate in activities such as:

  • Going to regional and national health education-related conferences
  • On campus events to increase awareness about nutrition, safer sex, mental health, tobacco use, etc.
  • Coordinate initiatives with other student organizations and partner with on- and off-campus health organizations
  • Networking with faculty, staff, and local professionals involved in health education
  • Provide information about upcoming local health education events and opportunities

If you are a health education student and are interested in putting the skills you have learned in class into practice, then Eta Sigma Gamma is a good fit for you! ESG is also a great opportunity for those interested in leadership positions in a student organization. We have meetings every other week which are announced via Blackboard account, e-mail, and social media. All students are welcome to participate, and those who meet the academic requirement can be inducted into national ESG in the spring semester.

If you're a UC student and would like to get more information and be added to our Blackboard page, please click here to give us your contact information. If you're not a UC HPE student but would like to learn more about the Gamma Eta Chapter, please contact faculty advisor Amanda Lynch at



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Eta Sigma Gamma

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