Golden Apple Award Winners Announced at Latest All-College Meeting

Dean Johnson and Erin Cochran

CECH Dean Johnson announced and presented the awards to various faculty and staff members.

At the Spring 2018 All-College Meeting on March 29, Dean Larry Johnson presented the winners of the 2018 CECH Golden Apple Awards. Winners were recognized for their excellence and included Amanda Bachus, Vicki Plano Clark, Erin Cochran, Carole Donnellon, Jenni Jacobs, Chengcheng Li, Bekah Michael, and Laura Nabors. Congratulations to all who were recognized!

Dean Johnson and Jenni Jacobs
Dean Johnson and ChengCheng Li
Dean Johnson and Bekah Michael
Dean Johnson and Vicki Plano Clark
Dean Johnson and Amanda Bachus
Dean Johnson and Laura Nabors
Dean Johnson and Carole Donnellon