IT Student Finding Tremendous Success during Co-Op Experience

CECH IT Student Receives OCEA 2015 Four Year College Scholarship Award for His Co-Op Work.

Jared Handra

Jared Handra

Jared Handra, a Senior Information Technologies Student at UC, was awarded the 2015 Ohio Cooperative Education Association (OCEA) Four Year College Scholarship Award for his co-op related achievements here at UC. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Software Development and a Certificate in Mobile Development.  Handra is currently co-oping at MedaCheck where he is working as a software engineer. Here, he has contributed to the release of the company’s iOS application that sets alerts on your phone throughout the day reminding you to take your daily medications. Handra stated, “I had a lot of fun [working on the app] and learned a lot as well! This is a big step in helping people better manage their own health each day.”

Handra has completed two co-op rotations prior to his current position at MedaCheck. During the summer of 2013, he spent his first rotation with Mane, Inc., as an End User Support Specialist. The summer after that, he worked as a co-op student at Tata Consultancy before joining MedaCheck as a co-op this past spring semester.   

Learn more about Handra’s co-op experience with MedaCheck.