UC’s School of Human Services to Offer New Master’s Program in Sport Administration

Curriculum prepares students to become leaders in a growing, $450 billion industry

As the sport industry continues to grow in the broad categories of interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics; professional, community, recreation, and sport organizations; health and fitness organizations; and sporting goods manufacturers, UC’s School of Human Services is proud to announce its newest degree program: the Master of Sport Administration.

The curriculum, which will be offered starting in fall 2015 with an on-campus master’s program, emphasizes real world experiences and case studies to bridge learning with practice. The master’s degree will further enable students to build their professional networks and experiences within the sport industry, which is the best opportunity for career advancement, and enhances their decision-making, leadership, and administrative skills.

“Graduates of the master’s program will be well-versed in the theoretical and practical components of marketing, finance, revenue generation, leadership, risk management, facility and event operations, and governance as it relates to intercollegiate and interscholastic athletics, as well as facility and event management,” said Thomas Aicher, professor and program coordinator for sport administration.

Designed to be completed in one year, the program is framed through a sport context with different areas of concentration, including athletic administration and facility and event management. These concentrations have demonstrated significant growth over the past decade with projected growth into the future. The master’s degree curriculum is designed to equip students with specific industry knowledge and skills so they will become leaders in athletic administration and facility and event management.    

“Although numerous opportunities exist to work in sports today, competition also abounds. Having a master’s degree in the field can help students differentiate themselves and offer unique opportunities for future success,” said Robert Brinkmeyer, professor and coordinator of internships and campus relations, who started the undergraduate sport administration program at UC more than 7 years ago.

“We are proud to be cultivating the next generation of sport industry leaders,” said Janet Graden, professor and director of the school of human services. “This program offers opportunities to individuals who are looking to advance in the sport industry while also giving career changers the experience needed to make an impact in a new field.”

Graduates of this program will be well equipped to analyze and develop creative solutions to real sport industry challenges and lead others in the field. To learn more and apply, visit http://cech.uc.edu/human-services/programs/sport-administration/masters.html.