Dr. Hazem Said Recognized with an IT Leadership Award by LEAD Cincinnati

Dr. Hazem Said

Dr. Hazem Said

On the evening of September 16, 2015, LEAD Cincinnati, a publication of Venue Media, awarded the Director of the School of Information Technology, Dr. Hazem Said, with the prestigious IT Leadership Award. Said was recognized for his ability to lead, continually adapt, and innovate in the rapidly changing environment of information technology.

The IT Leadership Award honors IT professionals who have helped shape the success of their organization and have demonstrated leadership, professional achievement, and continuous contribution to the workplace and the community.

Said explains how he came to accept the constant evolution of his field: “I used to think that careers are like a mountain that we climb until we reach a peak. However, I realized that while it may be a climb, there is no peak. Once we move to a position, we rest a little, celebrate, and get ready to move to the next one. As such, I think that the best way to adjust to change is to take control of it before the change controls you.”

LEAD Cincinnati highlighted Dr. Said for the award in their latest edition.

For more information on the event that honored Dr. Said and the other winners, see the event page on LEAD Cincinnati’s website.