About Us

Generating Knowledge. Creating Practice. Training the Future.

Female teacher reading to young children in classroom

Our Mission

At the Scientific Research in Children’s Literacy Lab, we dedicate ourselves to better understanding and building the language, reading, and writing skills of young children at home and in school.

How We Work

We collaborate with parents and early childhood educational professionals (e.g., teachers, speech-language pathologists) on our research projects. Together, we systematically explore innovative solutions to real-life challenges associated with helping young children develop strong language skills and become literate.

graphics left to right; people conversing, a light bulb, a newspaper, a rocket taking off from a book.

Talk with parents and educators about challenges in early childhood education.

Identify innovative solutions.

Secure research grant funding.

Make a difference in children’s language, reading, and writing skills.

Our Testimonials

Renee Banal

“I love how the kid were fascinated by science books! The lesson content was appropriate and fun to teach and I know the kids loved them! I think TOPS brought to light some important concepts for me to stress during language lessons!”

  • Renee Banal, MEd., Early Childhood Speech-Language Pathologist
Lori Berry

“My positive comments about TOPS are many. The extra professional development of these unique and beneficial teaching strategies was very good. I am excited when I get to try out new ways to teach my children. I also enjoyed the materials and very detailed lesson plans/strategies to make sure that all areas were covered in the teaching of the lessons.”

  • Lori Berry, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher