Special Education

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The focus of the special education program is to produce graduates who enhance and better the lives of individuals with disabilities.

At the undergraduate and graduate level, the special education program is focused on educating teachers to use evidence-based practices and meet licensure requirements for K-12 intervention specialists. Program participants complete course and field experiences to meet the prerequisites for mild-to-moderate and moderate-to-intense disability licensure.

You can earn degree, license, or certificate concentration in special education in the area of Intervention Specialist (DL).

The master’s program is focused on providing teacher-leaders in the area of special education. At the doctoral level, the program is focused on providing leading scholars for service in academic careers.

The special education program provides small classes, talented faculty and extensive field clinical experiences, ranging from a professional cohort in the second year, to internship work in the fourth year.

News and Events

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Advancement and Transition Services (ATS)

For teens and young adults with intellectual and development disabilities, ATS opens the door to productivity, engagement, opportunity and purpose.