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Regina H Sapona

Title: Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Office: 410F Teachers College
Tel: 513-556-4550
Email: saponarh@ucmail.uc.edu

Regina Sapona received her PhD in Special Education from the University of Virginia in 1985. Her research interests involve examining classroom learning environments that support inclusionary practices. She enjoys working with teacher educators in partnerships with local schools to prepare teachers. She is currently serving as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Research Information

Research Support

  • Kroeger,S.; Sapona,R.; Embury,D.C., Let's ask the kids: Consumer construction of co-teachers, College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services. $500. 2008.


Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Sapona,R.; Etienne,J.; Bauer,A.; Fordon,A.; Johnson,L.J.; Hendricks,M.; Vincent,N.C. (2006). Teacher education reform in university special education programs. Focus on Special Education, 38(5).
  • Bauer,A.M.; Johnson,L.J.; Sapona,R.H. (2004). Reflections on 20 years of preparing special education teachers. Exceptionality, 12(4), 239-246.
  • Winterman,K.; Sapona,R.H. (2002). Everyone's included: supporting young children with autism spectrum disorders in a responsive classroom learning environment. Teaching Exceptional Children, 35, 30-35.

Book Chapters

  • Sapona,R.H.; Etienne,J.F.; Bauer,A.M.; Fordon,A.E.; Johnson,L.J.; Hendricks-Lee,M.; Vincent,N.C. (1997). Teacher education in transition: collaborative programs to prepare general and special educators. Teacher education reform within the special education program at the University of Cincinnati: An ongoing journey (pp.128-151). Denver, CO: Love Publishing.
  • Maltbie,C.V.; Sapona,R.H.; Kmitta,D.; Soled,S.W. (1996). Empowering our future in teacher education, proceedings of the first international conference on self-study of teacher education practices. Working together: Creating collaborative contexts for team communication (pp.124-128). East Sussex, England: Self Study of Teacher Education Practices, Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association.
  • Sapona,R.; Malone,D.M.; Johnson,L.J. The special education legal handbook. Eligibility San Antonio, Texas: Omni Publishers.
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  • Malone,D.M.; Sapona,R. The special education legal handbook. Transition San Antonio, TX: Omni Publishers.

Presentations & Lectures

Invited Presentations

  • Bauer, A., Johnson, L. J., Vondrell, J., Vincent, N., & Sapona, R (03-2005). Calling All Data: Tracking and Monitoring Assessment Systems Presentation at the Ohio Department of Education Assessment Conference, Columbus, OH.
  • Bauer, A., Vondrell, J., Vincent, N., Johnson, L. J., & Sapona, R. (02-2005). Implementing Unit-Wide Assessment Including Dispositions and Student Learning Presented at the 57th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Colleges for Teacher Education, Washington, DC.
  • Johnson, L. J., Sapona, R., Vincent, N., Bauer, A.M., & Vondrell, J. (02-2003). The challenge and opportunity of continuous improvement: Changing the culture of teacher preparation programs Paper presented at the 55th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Colleges for Teacher Education, New Orleans, LA.
  • Allen, S.J., Bauer, A.M., Brinker, L., Bobango, J., Sapona, R.H., & Vincent, N. (02-2002). Partners and participation: Meeting the challenges of NCATE 2000 Paper presented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education, New York City.