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Hye Pae

Title: Associate Professor
Office: 615R Teachers College
Tel: 513-556-7112
Email: paehe@ucmail.uc.edu

Hye K. Pae, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psycholinguistics and Applied Linguistics in the Literacy and Second Language Studies program at the University of Cincinnati (UC). She received her doctorate from Georgia State University (GSU) in 2001. Prior to joining the faculty at UC, she was a research associate in the Department of Psychology at GSU. As her credentials cross interdisciplinary boundaries, she taught second-language reading at GSU as well as English and Communication at Georgia Perimeter College for eight years. Her interests lie in second-language acquisition, bilingualism, psycholinguistics, prevention of and intervention for reading difficulties, assessment challenges across cultures, and reading disabilities in children and adult learners. She is particularly interested in psychometric properties of measurement tools, L1 effects on L2 reading acquisition, dual-language processing, and assessment.  She has been involved in several research projects with her colleagues, Drs. Robin Morris, Rose Sevcik, and Daphne Greenberg, at GSU, funded by the federal agencies, including the U.S. Department of Education, the National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development, and Institute of Education Sciences. She has published research articles in the SSCI journals, such as Assessment, Annals of Dyslexia, Journal of Research in Reading, Language Assessment Quarterly, Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, and more.  Her research in bilingualism and biliteracy has been expanded with collaborative work in Korea.  She is currently serving as Faculty Director for the TESOL Endorsement Program. 

Research Information

Research Support

  • (PI), Pae, Hye, Biliteracy Development of English-Korean Readers, University Research Council. $8,000. 2008.
  • (PI), Pae, Hye, Hierarchical Linear Modeling for Nested Design in Research and Teaching, UC FDC Internal Grant. $2,209. 2010.
  • (PI), Pae, Hye, Construct Validity of Pearson Test of English Academic: A Multitrait-Multimethod Approach, Pearson Language Test. (Pearson2010-A-001), £10,000 ($15,500). 2010 to 2011.
  • (Co-I), Pae, Hye, Building STEM for All Capacity Through Systematic Scaling and Evaluation Efforts, Ohio Board of Regents. $479,352. 2011.
  • (PI), Pae, Hye, Pathways to Reading Comprehension: MIMIC and Multigroup Methods, URC. $8,000. 2011.
  • (Data Manager), Morris, R. D. et al., Treatment of Developmental Reading Disabilities, NICHD/NIH. (R01 HD 30970), $2,364,494. 2001 to 2007. Status: Completed.
  • (Data Manager), Greenberg, D. et al., Research on Reading Instruction for Low Literate Adults, NIH. (R01 HD043801), $2,300,000. 2002 to 2009. Status: Completed.
  • (Data Manager), Morris, R. D. et al., Multiple Component Remediation for Struggling Middle School Readers, IES/USDOE. (R324G060005), $2,882,630. 2006 to 2011. Status: Completed.
  • (PI), Pae, Hye, Construct Validity of Pearson Test of English Academic: a Multitrait-Multimethod Approach, Pearson Language Tests. (SRS 006895), $15,500.00. 07-01-2010 to 12-01-2011. Status: Active.
  • (Collaborator), Basham, James; Israel, Maya; Johnson, Holly; Pae, Hye; Pan, Wei; Rutz, Eugene, STEM for All, Ohio Department of Education. (STEM 2011), $479,352.00. 01-01-2011 to 09-30-2011. Status: Active.
  • (PI), Pae, H. K., Online Information Processing and Hypermedia Literacy: A model for digitally-mediated reading English as a second language, AHSS Research Grant. $7,364.00. BAD DATE to BAD DATE. Status: Active.
  • (Co-PI), Kim, S-A & Pae, H. K., Lexical Processing of Visually Manipulated Words in Native Speakers of Chinese and Korean, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. (4-ZZEP), HKD 120,000. 2015 to 2016. Status: Completed.


Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Greenberg, D., Pae, H. K, Morris, R. D., Nanda, A. O & Calhoon, B. (2009). Measuring adult literacy students' reading skills using the Gray Oral Reading Test. Annals of Dyslexia, 59, 133-149.
  • Wise, J. C; Pae, H. k; Wolfe, C. B; Sevcik, R. A; and Morris, R. D (2008). Phonological awareness and rapid naming skills of children with reading disabilities and children with reading disabilities who are at risk for mathematics difficulties. Learning Disabilities Research and Practices, 23, 125-136.
  • Pae, H. K.; Wise, J. C.; Cirino, P. T.; Sevcik, R. A.; Lovett, M. W.; Wolf, M.; Morris, R. D. (2005). The Woodcock Reading Mastery Test: Impact of normative change. Assessment, 12, 347-357.
  • Bornman, J., Sevcik, R. A., Romski, M., & Pae, H. K. (2010). Successfully translating language and culture when adapting assessment measures. Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, 7, 111-118.
  • Pae, H. K., Sevcik, R. A., & Morris, R. D. (2010). Cross-language correlates in phonological process and naming speed: Evidence from deep and shallow orthographies. The Journal of Research in Reading, 33, 335-436.
  • Pae, H. K. & Sevcik, R. A. (2011). The role of verbal working memory in second language reading fluency and comprehension: A comparison of English and Korean. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, 4, 47-66.
  • Pae, H. K. (2011). Is Korean a syllabic alphabet or an alphabetic syllabary? . Writing Systems Research, 3, 103-115.
  • Greenberg, D., Wise, W., Morris, R. D., Fredrick, L. D., Rodrigo, Nanda, A., & Pae, H. K. (2011). A randomized control study of instructional approaches for struggling adult readers. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 4, 101-117.
  • Pae, H. K., & Johnson, H. (2012). Online TESOL programs: Trends, benefits, and challenges. Asian Conference in Education Proceedings, 4,, 445-456.
  • Pae, H. K. (2012). A psychometric measurement model for adult English language learners: Pearson Test of English Academic. Educational Research and Evaluation, 18, 211-229.
  • Pae, H. K., Greenberg, D., & Morris, R. D. (2012). Construct validity and measurement invariance of the PPVT in the performance of struggling adult readers. Language Assessment Quarterly, 9, 152-171.
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  • Pae, H. K. (2012). Linguistic relativity revisited: L1 and L2 in thinking and learning. Psychology, 3, 49-56.
  • Pae, H. K., Greenberg, D., & Williams, R. S. (2012). An analysis of differential error patterns on the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test-III in children and struggling African-American adults readers. Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 25, 1239-1258.
  • Pae, H. K. & Lee, Y-W. (2014). Processing of alternated and inverse fonts in word recognition by native and nonnative speakers of English. Athens Journal of Philology, 1 (4), 233-244..
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  • Hall, R., Greenberg, D., Laures-Gore, J., & Pae, H.K. (2014). The relationship between expressive vocabulary knowledge and reading skills for adult struggling readers. Journal of Research in Reading, 37 (S1), S87-S100.
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  • Pae, H. K. (1999). Split images: Arab and Asian political leaders’ portraits in the major U.S. news magazines. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, International Communication, 21,, 3-28.
  • Mano, Q. R., Williamson, B., Pae, H. K., & Osmon, D. C. (2016). Stroop interference associated with efficient reading fluency and prelexical orthographic processing. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, 38 (3), 275-283.
  • Pae, H. K., Kim, S-A., Mano, T., & Kwon, Y-J. (In Press). Sublexical and lexical processing of English orthography among nonnative speakers of Chinese and Korean..
  • Pae, H. K., Greenberg, D., Taylor, N., Laures-Gore, J., & Quinones, L. Y. (In Press). The use of syntactic features in formulating sentences in English as a second language by native speakers of Spanish. Language and Cognition. Language and Cognition.

Invited Publications

  • Pae, H. K. (2011). Differential item functioning and unidimensionality in the Pearson Test of English Academic. http://pearsonpte.com/research/Documents/Pae.pdf..
  • Pae, H. K. (2011). The factor structure of vocabulary skills and academic reading performance by adult English learners. http://pearsonpte.com/research/Documents/VocabSkills.pdf. ..
  • Pae, H. K. (2012). A model of receptive and expressive modalities in adult English learners’ academic L2 skills. Pearson Language Test. http://pearsonpte.com/research/Documents/ResearchNoteexpressivefinal2012-10-02GJ.pdf..
  • Pae, H. K. (2012). Construct validity of the Pearson Test of English Academic: A multitrait-multimethod approach. Pearson Language Test. http://pearsonpte.com/research/Documents/ResearchNoteConstructvalidityfinal2012-10-02gj.pdf..
  • Pae, H. K. (2011). Development of English language learners. English language learners in the preschool setting. In V. Carr (ed.), Arlitt Instructional Media (DVD). University of Cincinnati...
  • Pae, H. K. (2011). Integrating content learning into English language learning. English language learners in the preschool setting. In V. Carr (ed.), Arlitt Instructional Media (DVD). University of Cincinnati...
  • Pae, H. K., & Johnson, H. (In Press). A primer of a professional development opportunity: The TESOL certificate program of the University of Cincinnati. Online English language teacher education: Case reports of innovative online delivery. The International Research Foundation for English Language Education...

Published Books

  • Pae, H. K. (2017). (In Progress). Lexical processing and bilingualism: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. John Benjamins (Editor).
  • Pae, H. K. (In Progress). Script effects on cognition and reading. Springer.

Book Chapters

  • Pae, H. K. & Lakes, R. D. (2004). Preparation for (In)equality: Women in South Korean Vocational Education. Globalizing education for work: Comparative perspectives on gender and the new economy (pp.85-95). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
  • Pae, H. K. (2003). Global education from an ecological perspective: To become a global citizen. The future of educational studies (pp.139-161). New York: Peter Lang.

Other Publications

  • Pae, H. K. (2009). From sufficiency to efficiency: The role of theories in guiding teaching English language learners in classrooms. Ohio TESOL Journal, 2, 15-6.

Technical Reports

  • Pae, Hye (2011). The factor structure of vocabulary skills and academic reading performance by adult English learners. ..

Experience & Service


  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Language Sciences
  • Editorial Board Member, Korean Journal of Applied Linguistics
  • Review Board/Panel, Institute for Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education IES Grant Review Panel, 2014
  • Institute for Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education IES Ad-hoc Grant Reviewer,
  • Committee Member, Fulbright Program Fulbright Screening Committee,
  • Review Board/Panel, Ohio Assessments for Educators Bias Review Committee,
  • Ohio Department of Higher Education External Program Evaluator,

Other Experience and Professional Memberships

  • 2008 to To Present ,TESOL Endorsement/Graduate Certificate Program, . UC
  • 2012, Editorial Board, . World Journal of Education
  • 2012, Editorial Board, . English Linguistics Research