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Lanthan D Camblin

Title: Professor Emeritus
Tel: 513-221-1290
Email: camblild@ucmail.uc.edu

Lanthan D. Camblin Jr., a professor in the Educational Foundations Program, received his Ph.D. in Human and Family Development from the University of Missouri in 1978. He has previously taught at Lincoln University (HBCU), James Madison University, and North Carolina A&T University (HBCU). He teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in lifespan human development. His research interests include diversity issue, faculty development, and the study of everyday" behaviors."


Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Camblin,L.; Steger,J. (2000). Rethinking faculty development. Higher Education, 39, 1-18.

Book Chapters

  • Camblin,L.; White,P. (2000). Caring and tenacity: stories of urban school survival. Teen mothers and young grandmothers NJ: Hampton Press, Inc.