Collaboration for Employment and Education Synergy (CEES)

Welcome to CEES!

CEES is a high school transition program at the University of Cincinnati designed for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 14-21.  CEES offers a 12-week individualized transition curriculum to help young adults determine how their interests and abilities can be applied in the workplace.  Students also gain valuable life skills that increase their ability to live and work more independently

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CEES aims to create community integrated employment experiences that incorporate meaningful social interactions with peers and employers and provide families with the support to develop high expectations and actively engage in the transition process.

CEES Services

The anticipated impact of CEES is to change the Quality of Life (QoL) for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Specifically, through CEES, students will develop the following skills associated with QoL:

  • Employment skills necessary for integrated community work
  • Social communication skills necessary for social interactions and soft skills for employment

Program Cost

  • $1,200 per student
  • District funds cover cost as part of transition services
  • Private pay/DD funds

Program Schedule

  • Weekly Schedule will be determined by your school district
  • Typical CEES Schedule:  one day of week from 9 AM – 1 PM
  •         1-2 hours working in an internship on the UC campus or Clifton Community
  •         1 hour of classroom curriculum targeting social, communication, and vocational skills developmen
  •         Lunch on UC’s Campus

Transportation Options

  • Transportation can be provided by school district to and from the University of Cincinnati
  • Private transportation to and from the University of Cincinnati

Next Steps

  • Parents or family members of interested students: Contact your local  school district to see how your child can apply to CEES.
  • Districts interested in partnering with CEES: Please review the CEES handbook and/or email us


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