Criminal Justice Program

The nationally ranked School of Criminal Justice holds the number one ranking for research productivity and recognition in U.S. News & World Report as one of the top three doctoral programs in the nation.

With a mission dedicated to research, teaching, and service, the School supports these and related activities through the Center for Criminal Justice Research, which includes the Corrections Institute and the Policing Institute. Students are provided opportunities to learn and conduct research, training, and technical assistance in a wide range of criminal justice settings.

The School of Criminal Justice serves more than 1,500 students, preparing them for careers in law enforcement, corrections, or law school by featuring a range of coursework in general criminology as well as specialty areas like policing and crime prevention.




Gain an interdisciplinary understanding of criminal justice in America through this undergraduate program. The program is available both online and on campus and it spans a wide range of fields and possible career paths including policing, private security, law enforcement, corrections, crime prevention, law and the courts, and more.

Undergraduate Minor

Incorporate formal criminal justice coursework into your existing major to gain a basic framework of knowledge of the criminal justice system. Whether you're majoring in political science, psychology, sociology, substance abuse counseling, accounting, information technology, organizational leadership, or a foreign language, you can enhance your career/job opportunities with this minor.

Master of Science

Available both online and on campus, this program is flexible enough to meet your needs—whether you are a working professional or plan to become a full-time graduate student. Designed to be completed within one year of full-time study, you will study crime and criminal justice from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing insights from sociology, law, public administration, and criminal justice.

For the online program, please go to

Doctor of Philosophy

Become a social scientist, and consume, transmit, and independently produce research on crime and criminal justice. We work to ensure that all of our graduates share a common, rigorous training that will prepare you for the rapidly growing field of criminal justice research. At the same time, through electives and dissertation research, you will have the flexibility to develop expertise consistent with your unique interests.



Field Experience

As a CJ student, you will have an opportunity to choose a field experience that complements your coursework and career area of interest.


Internships are a required component of the curriculum, and our students enjoy serving in a wide range of organizations, including:

• Local police departments
• Juvenile courts
• Youth service agencies
• Rehabilitation centers
• Federal agencies (for example: FBI, DEA, and Secret Service)
• Law firms
• Corporations