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John Eck

Title: Professor
Office: 660G Teachers College
Tel: 513-556-5833
Email: eckj@ucmail.uc.edu

Professor John Eck earned his Ph.D. in criminology from the University of Maryland in 1994.  Prior to that, he had worked on police reform for 17 years as Research Director of the Police Executive Research Forum.  He is known for his work on investigations management, problem-oriented policing, and preventing crime at high crime places.  Dr. Eck focuses on developing practical solutions to crime problems based on sound research and rigorous theory.  In addition to publishing many academic papers, he has created numerous guides for police and others interested in preventing crime.  In 2001 he assisted the Federal Court in negotiating a suit alleging racial discrimination in police enforcement practices.  The result was the Cincinnati Collaborative Agreement.  In 2016, Dr. Eck was presented with the Collaborative Agreement Award for helping negotiate that agreement and his subsequent work to sustain it.  Dr. Eck was a member of the National Academy of Sciences panel on police research and policy.  He teaches courses on police effectiveness and preventing crime at places.  He is the recipient of the 2016 Ronald V. Clarke Award presented by the Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis network.  He teaches in the area of policing and crime prevention.  When he has the time, he likes to sculpt basalt, granite, and other hard rocks.

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