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  • Drs. Ed Latessa and Myrinda Schweitzer Smith, together with the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute (UCCI), have been awarded a $5.8 million contract for the creation of a Criminogenic Need and Violent Behavior Program for the Administrative Office of the United States Courts. In line with the UCCI mission to translate research into practice, a team of nationally recognized experts will collaborate to develop a comprehensive program that supports the offender from conviction to reentry. This project will advance the field of corrections by providing the tools officers and treatment providers need to target the known risk factors for reoffending as well as extending services to the offender’s support network as they reintegrate into their community. 
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Other News

  • UCCI and all of its services, including its online learning opportunities, were recently published in an article from Corrections Forum.  This article targeted online courses that are specifically for corrections staff. 
  • recently ranked a number of programs and UCCI's EPICS (Effective Practices in Community Supervision) received a Promising ranking!
  • Dr. Ed Latessa, professor and director of the School of Criminal Justice, is quoted regarding the effectiveness of community supervision - probation and parole - in the juvenile justice system.  This article entitled Case Now Strong for Ending Probation's Place as Default Disposition in Juvenile Justice was published in April 2016 on the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.
  • Sam Schaeffer, CEO at Center for Employment Opportunities, recently had the opportunity to meet President Obama shortly before participating in President Obama’s announcement at Rutgers University in Newark on the administration’s prisoner reentry agenda.  Sam Schaeffer has said that CEO is committed to being part of the reentry solution for the hundreds of thousands of Americans who come home from prison every year.
  • San Joaquin County Probation Day Reporting Center (DRC) was redesigned, with the help of UCCI, in 2015.  The Evidence-Based Programs (EBP) that were implemented as part of the redesign process are having a positive impact on recidivism.  In fact, after 120 days of participating in these EBP programs, clients who received at least twenty hours of EBP at the DRC had a 0% recidivism rate. 
  • UCCI is proud to have recently released a report on the Evaluation of Ohio's Prison Programs.  UCCI was contracted in 2010 by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) to conduct an evaluation of the state’s “Reentry Approved” programs offered in all correctional institutions. This study was designed to explore the effectiveness of programming on institutional misconduct and recidivism. Additionally, the study took into account program integrity and the institutional context.
  • UCCI is proud to share this article published in the October edition of Governing Magazine. The article showcases Multnomah County, Oregon’s real world efforts to implement the EPICS model.The article boasts that “EPICS has become the go-to model for parole and probation in much of the United States”.  Read more to learn about their success!
  • Slate Magazine reports on great accomplishments in the Nortwest: "Washington state has a pathbreaking new idea for how to handle prisoners in solitary confinement: Don’t give up on them."